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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”  Thomas Merton

I do believe a happy, fulfilled life is largely a matter of finding the right balance in the things that we do. Don’t you agree? It takes a lot of time, though, to discover that balance.

I think what often helps out in expediting things here is to have something at the center of our lives that is very meaningful, as that can serve to both anchor and inspire us, even when the waters get choppy and the Scorpio sharks are closing in around us.

Another thing that can help to steady us is having a nifty crystal ball nearby. Let me quickly retrieve mine from the broom closet.  I put it there yesterday while straightening up under the tidy Virgo Moon.  Took a piece of my own advice for a change.

Madame Patrice’s fortune-telling revealed here now for Sunday, May 23, 2010:

“Today we come face to face with Saturn – boy oh boy, I can hardly wait – and get to preview our limitations, which you know the old guy is dying to show us.

Did you know that Saturn has chronicled and saved every last one of our limitations since the time of our birth, and beyond?  This is true.  That means that each of us could be here literally for eons with taskmaster Saturn, depending on how thick his documented limitation file is on us.

I also would like to know, where the heck Neptune is, that Great Dissolver, when you really need him?  He could be of such practical assistance to us today in dissolving some of the dirty goods that Saturn has on us.

Neptune, as you may know, has those dreamy, mystical powers, not to mention a pipeline to the Divine to wash away our sins and transgressions. But, as usual, he pulls his famous disappearing act and is nowhere to be found.

Neptune has, however, sent his underling Jupiter to intervene on his behalf.

So, while Saturn would like us to wallow endlessly in our litany of self-imposed limitations today, the wrinkled life force is going to have to cut it short and nip it. For  Jupiter is on his way to rescue us with a bevy of our hopes and wishes and cherry cheesecake to boot.

Yes, kind folks, Saturn and Jupiter are sitting opposite each other at the cosmic dinner table today, lovingly glaring at one another.  They are the honored guests in each of our houses and we need to treat each of them courteously and with respect.  We don’t want any etiquette faux pas taking place if we can help it. That would be utterly tragic.

Of course, Saturn is wanting us to be thrifty and parsimonious and serve him up a no-frills, “less is more” meal comprised only of the basics needed for his daily survival.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is hoping to persuade us to present him with a full, caloric-rich, nine-course meal.

What we need to do here, to keep both of these dinner guests happy, is somehow fashion a menu that will give each of them some of what they want. That way, we will hopefully make both of them satisfied enough so they don’t swear and cuss or throw food at each other at the dinner table.

One other issue today.

We also have the matter of Venus opposing Pluto to immediately deal with. They also are wanting a spot at the dinner table.

Venus is such a lovable, shopaholic creature.  She perennially justs wants to mingle and throw cool house parties, especially now that she is in the Moon’s warm, nesting sign of Cancer.

Of course, control freak Pluto hates to see Venus having a good time unless it’s centered around him.

So, what to do. Should we let this happy couple come join us today at the dinner table? Are we up to dealing with their drama? The Moon is in social, diplomatic Libra, making us feel politely obligated, don’t you think?

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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