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“My second favorite household chore is ironing.  My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.” Erma Bombeck.

It’s day two of the Moon in Virgo (until 10:50 pm EDT).  What could that portend for us? What do I see taking shape in the crystal ball?  Hmm.

How about a bucket and a mop! After all, it is a Saturday. And, the Virgo Moon is a nut about cleanliness – I’m even cleaning the keyboard as I write this.

Plus we have Venus now deposited in Cancer, signifying a love of the home, and nobody wants a dirty home, especially when the Moon is in tidy Virgo.

Voila. So that’s it!  Our karma question has been readily solved for today.

Yes, the more I think about it, it is our destiny now to be submerged in all manner of cleaning. Virgo is also talented at organizing, so we can line up all of our cleaning supplies and related paraphernalia in a most adroit manner before we even get started.

I also realize, too, that many of us are probably feeling a great deal of moral and spiritual angst today, with the Jupiter (expansion) opposition to Saturn (contraction) almost exact.  But, we’ll talk more about the full meaning of that weighty influence tomorrow, when it will indeed be exact (1:38 am EDT).

Too, Saturn is also in Virgo so why not try to make that cranky old planet a tad happier by removing that annoying ring around the kitchen sink and giving him less competition.

Celebrity News:

Oprah did a “farewell interview” with Simon Cowell on Thursday. Fittingly, Simon’s horoscope (born 10/7/59) was echoing that same “parting sentiment” that day.  He had the transiting Venus exactly opposite his natal Saturn, a classic aspect of separation that also hints at a little bit of sadness.

Venus represents what we love and value.  It shows what we are attached to in the guise of our relationships. It also signifies our creative attachments and things of beauty that we have perhaps given birth to, such as exquisite works of art, paintings.

Saturn meanwhile represents those “safe structures” that we have painstakingly erected in the world as a result of going to work every day and responsibly doing our job.  Saturn showcases to all our composite of talents and skills that we have so keenly honed over time that consequently allows us to eke out a living on the planet.

Indeed, Saturn symbolizes the world that we have diligently assembled for ourselves.  It’s like our little empire. A few people, like Simon, as well as Oprah, are able to manifest gigantic Saturnian empires that have the net affect of allowing them to wield an inordinate amount of “earthly power” and “status.”

Saturn can also signify poignant endings, however, or a letting go of those self-made trappings, especially when paired with relationship Venus, Goddess of Love.

So, on Thursday, with transiting Venus in vulnerable Cancer, the zodiacal sign of the womb, opposite Simon’s Saturn in the professional sign of Capricorn, Simon was saying “goodbye” to a part of the world (Saturn) that he had so creatively crafted (Venus) and birthed, and that had afforded him a notable amount of material riches and worldly success.

He was also saying goodbye, in many ways, to the extension of corresponding relationships that he had forged with the fans who were part of that reality (Saturn) that he had manifested on American Idol, hence there was a palpable tone of sadness in the air during the interview and Simon’s demeanor was also more serious. The “opposition aspect” is an aspect depicting a full culmination of awareness regarding what one has previously set into motion.

For the last few days, Simon has also had in his horoscope, transiting Mercury, denoting thoughts and communication, exactly trine his natal Pluto, the gatekeeper of all of our secrets. Pluto represents the subconscious and all that is hidden from view.  It symbolically depicts what we have buried inside us at the deepest level of our beings.

With Mercury aligned with Pluto, we often get in touch with those hidden elements inside ourselves that we may have previously kept submerged or maybe didn’t even consciously know existed.  Mercury-Pluto is associated with psychotherapy and arriving at a new awareness of the nature of things as a result of unearthing hidden feelings and emotions.

With this aspect, we are also more willing to articulate and share our secrets. During the interview with Oprah, for example, Simon mentioned that he suffers from depression and said that he can be very difficult to be around because of his moods. He also mentioned that he has felt under pressure because so many people depend on him.

I have previously written about Simon Cowell’s horoscope on my blog here, and am not going to go into much detail again about it, except to say that one of the most notable aspects in Simon’s chart is his Venus and Pluto conjoined in workaholic Virgo, the sign of service.

Venus, as I mentioned earlier, denotes what we love and in the sign of Virgo, it shows that we are inclined to be “married to our work.”  Simon even told Oprah that his work has been sort of a girlfriend for him. Pluto also speaks to our need for power and persons with this aspect can be very obsessive and controlling in going about obtaining  that power in the workplace.

Venus-Pluto is often the signature of someone who can be completely consumed by their work to the point of obsession (Pluto). It is very hard for these persons to let go and delegate and also harder for them to relax physically, as Virgo is a more nervous sign physiologically.

Virgo is also all about perfection with an insatiable desire to serve and please and when natives of this sign feel that they are not delivering here, they can feel boatloads of guilt. Simon also addressed this very same guilt issue.

What is very positive now for Simon is that he has transiting Pluto, which often acts as a transforming agent in our lives, exactly trine to his natal Venus-Pluto configuration. This more harmonious trine influence is allowing him to broaden out his scope of pleasurable things (Venus) in his life, beyond the confines of the work sphere (Virgo), to the formation of a very significant personal relationship with someone he apparently plans on marrying.  As I wrote about earlier when I did his horoscope, transiting Pluto to Venus can bring in a soul mate and it does sound like Simon feels that way about the current female presence in his life, at least that is what I gathered from hearing him talking to Oprah.

It could be, too, that Simon’s professional work, in the next couple years, perhaps his involvement with the new American X-Factor, or maybe something else that he is working on, is also going to propel him to even bigger and newer heights on the world stage.

Mick Jagger, incidentally, wrote the lyrics to Satisfaction when Pluto was exactly conjoined his Venus, which is also in the same sign as Simon’s (Virgo).  Satisfaction in a left-handed way is a “soul mate” for Mick and the Stones in that it is their trademark piece of work that most identifies them. Maybe Simon has something else inside him, as well, that he will be birthing soon, that will also impart some kind of fresh trademark status for him beyond his many achievements already.  We’ll just have to wait and see and wish him the best. I know I will personally miss him on Idol, the show will not be the same, but I am looking forward to watching Simon on the X-Factor.

Enjoy your Saturday! Tidy up your nest today with that Virgo Moon. You know, she doesn’t want to see one speck of dust lurking around anywhere.

Written by Patricia Thompson

Copyright 2010

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