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“All great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking into the darkness.” John Ruskin

It’s Day Two of the pitch-black Scorpio Moon, which is even darker this time around because some fool forgot to pay the light bill yesterday.

The inquisitive, cell-phone addicted Gemini Sun is also still boxed into that weird quinqunx relationship with enigmatic Pluto, Scorpio’s lighthearted, cheery ruler, who will not return any of the Sun’s phone calls or text messages, yet he has time to secretly peer into the Sun’s windows at night.

The images I am seeing by way of flashlight in my all-knowing, dusty-all-over Crystal Ball:

“We are deep down in the earth, navigating through a narrow maze of tunnels.

Due to the lack of artificial lighting, we keep cursing and bumping into each other and stepping on each others toes.

When we look down at our feet, we also notice that our socks do not match, even though technically it is too dark to actually see our feet. Regardless of this incidental fact, we are horrified that our socks don’t match.

We fervently pray to God that nobody will notice because if they do, it surely will be curtains for us. And that tragically will mean no more filling our days with shopping at Walmart.

Anyway, this same tiring scenario plays out all day long.  The embarrassment from our mismatched socks reaches epidemic proportions.

Then suddenly before us, we stumble upon an elevator.  It is operational because a rich Capricorn with Republican connections finally got the electricity powered back on for us.

I see us all piling into this elevator, and even though we exceed the weight limit because we have too many chubby but cute Cancerians on board, the smelly, sweat-filled elevator slowly but surely makes its ascent.

Rumor has it, but this has not been confirmed, that Uranus is going to be there to greet us when we finally get to the top, although I am unable to see his image at the moment. We also know how unpredictable and erratic Uranus can be.

But, needless to say, I see that we are all very hopeful that he will decide to grace us with his thundering presence.

In the meantime, too, now that we are somewhat more relaxed and needing a diversion to fill time in the elevator, the adult-themed Scorpio Moon beams in for us the sounds of Bob Seeger’s Night Moves, at which point I am no longer privy to any more images in my Crystal Ball, as I prefer and have the more wholesome, G-rated version. The X-rated Crystal Ball just fogs up too much for my taste.

Enjoy your Wednesday! Be sure to check your socks before leaving the house.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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