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Was it symbolic or ironic that the very day that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, enters Pisces, the leading female figure of the 1960s civil rights movement, 98-year-old Dorothy Height, dies?  The last time that Chiron was in Pisces was 1960 to 1969 coinciding with the rise of the civil rights movement and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of of 1964. Pisces at its most noble expression represents Divine Love and compassion and the transcendence of physical boundaries.  Chiron symbolizes our deepest wounds and attempts to heal them.

I think it was symbolic that this woman, whose life work embodied and depicted so much in the way of racial healing for the collective, should die on the day Chiron re-entered Pisces, as it shows that we have come full circle back to the past, several decades later. As a society we are still dealing with issues of racial inequality, although thanks to leaders like Dorothy Height, much progress has also been made. Still much more needs to be done and perhaps with Chiron here again in Pisces, we will see the dissolution of more of the barriers that divide us, and not just racial barriers. We need to also work on ending bias and discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, age, as well as gender.

Also today, the D.C. Council approved a bill to allow chronically ill patients to use marijuana with some stipulations. Of course, the medical marijuana issue has been ongoing for the last few years in various cities across the country, but when I heard about this story today I immediately felt that with Chiron here in Pisces now, the sign which rules drugs, including marijuana, that it will probably not be too long before medical marijuana will be universally legalized as a treatment method. I also think Neptune entering Pisces will also have impact on this area.

This whole marijuana issue, too, in a roundabout way, takes us back into the sixties again, in some respects.  Back then, with Chiron in Pisces, there was the popularization of psychedelic drugs as a way to transcend the limitations of the physical body and free our minds. More and more people also began smoking pot then. There was also widespread fear, especially among the over 30 crowd, that pot-smoking would lead to becoming addicted to other kinds of  drugs.  Now fast forward to today, and marijuana is starting to be viewed in a whole new way, more along the lines of a medicinal drug. It all strikes me as kind of ironic.  How about you?

Written by Patricia Thompson

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