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“Reciprocity is a deep instinct; it is the basic currency of social life.” Jonathan Haidt

Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini (7:17 am) – A very nice supportive aspect for expressing affection, fostering a harmonious sense of give-and-take. Too, we may find that our personal plans get a positive shot in the arm. Also, helps to boost creativity, sex appeal!

Waning Luna, now in her Last Quarter, is also nestled in non-conforming Aquarius. We are more willing to embrace the experimental. Punch holes in our comfort zones.

Moon sextile Sun in Aries (4:39 pm) – Helps to assuage inner conflicts. Our sense of purpose and heart are both in it together. Involvement in group activities or social causes can be very renewing.

Moon trine Mars in Gemini (9:55 pm) – A good fit for tackling physical projects. More energizing emotionally.

Numerologically, we are looking at a double-decker today (4/6/2021): Double sixes! Perfect tie-in to the flowing Venus-Mars energy that the Universe is lovingly showering upon us now. The number six, which in the Tarot represents The Lovers card, is regarded as the most romantic of all numbers. It’s also auspicious for healing, nurturing, family matters, and generating domestic bliss!

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On This Day in History:
On April 6, 1896, the first modern Summer Olympic Games open in Athens, Greece. The games attracted just 245 competitors, of whom more than 200 were Greek, and only 14 countries were represented. Nevertheless, no international events of this magnitude had been organized before. Female athletes were not allowed to compete, though one woman, Stamata Revithi, ran the marathon course on her own, saying “If the committee doesn’t let me compete, I will go after them regardless.” About 100,000 people attended the opening of the games.  (Wikipedia)
Astrologically, that day, when the Games kicked off, “athletic” Mars was in collective-minded Aquarius and exactly trining wounded healer Chiron in more socially aware Libra. The pioneering Aries Sun was also separating from an exact sextile to envisioning Neptune in limb, versatile Gemini, an influence that can inspire us to creatively chase our dreams. Or maybe even jump after them: American athlete James Connolly Olympic became the first modern Olympic champion when he won the triple jump.
Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.
Patrice Thompson 
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