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“Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity.” Henry David Thoreau

There may be more of a tendency to assume “bigger is better” in all sorts of ways today, as well as perhaps a burning desire to want to “test our limits” (to get ahead) as energizing Mars, in self-willed Aries, forms an exact square with oversizing and expansive Jupiter Rx, in methodical Capricorn, a galvanizing aspect that can greatly fire up our levels of enthusiasm, motivation, and courage. Too, while we certainly can meet up with a notable amount of success today, due partly to our irrepressible “can-do” spirit, we may also want to make sure that we remember to temper our actions with at least some measure of good old-fashioned “Capricornian” common-sense so that we don’t get too carried away, or act too impulsively – typical shadow side manifestations of this particular planetary configuration. (We will also have this aspect a second time on October 19th, when Mars is retrograde.)

Orator Mercury will also be shifting into ostentatious Leo the Lion, late tonight (11:32 pm) for a two-week run.

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This Day in History: On August 4, 1862, the U.S. government collects its first income tax.

Astrologically, on that day, the authoritative Leo Sun was exactly square to transformational Pluto in “revenue conscious” Taurus. Often, Sun-Pluto aspects mark major turning points in life. (Pluto also rules taxes!) It should also be noted that Mars was in pioneering Aries then and separating from a trine to the Leo Sun, another indication of bold “new beginnings” in the works.

Hope you have a good one! Please be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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