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“The causes of every human action, Tolstoy thought, were so manifold, so complex, and so deeply hidden in unconscious motivations that it is impossible to know why anything ever happened.” Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

There’s a Full Moon in transformational Scorpio, this morning (at 6:45 am). It’s also the last Supermoon of 2020 (the other two were in March and April). Meaning that it’s occurring at the closest point to Earth during its orbit, making it appear larger and brighter.

Today’s Full Moon is also referred to in the Old Farmer’s Almanac as the “Full Flower Moon,” a name that originated with the Native Americans. Obviously echoing Mother Nature’s return to abundance in the Northern hemisphere when so much is abloom and full of life.

With today’s lunation, we are basically seeking to balance our need for physical comfort, safety, and security (Sun in Taurus) with an opposing desire for fulfillment or renewal in the spiritual/non-physical/inner realm (Moon in Scorpio). Whenever Luna is deposited in Pluto-ruled Scorpio (the sign of life, death, and rebirth), we are made more keenly aware of the profound mysteries of our existence, with Scorpio intently focusing on what’s hidden or below the surface.

So having a powerful, revelatory Full Moon occurring in Scorpio now we potentially have, among other things, a very potent opportunity for ferreting out the truth, as we know it or understand it. Especially since this Full Moon is forming an opposition to information-minded Mercury, which only three days ago formed an exact superior conjunction with the Sun. Normally a time (again) when we are presented with clear data or findings or experience sudden epiphanies. It could also be that today’s Full Moon opposition to that same Mercury-Sun meetup point takes those discoveries or results, one step further. Too, generally with a culminating Full Moon, we can have abrupt endings or receive final outcomes or are able to come to some pretty accurate conclusions or assessments about various elements of our lives, including possibly getting a good handle now on how we are coming along with the intentions that we may have set, or the actions that were taken, during the New Moon in Taurus, two weeks ago. 

Additionally, the Full Moon in passionate Scorpio may find our emotions at peak intensity, especially since Scorpio is a fixed water sign which tends to always feel things very deeply. There can also be more of an emphasis now on such issues as intimacy and trust, shared resources, and purging or refurbishing.

Also today, mental Mercury, in pragmatic Taurus, is forming a sextile to mystical Neptune in Pisces. This more subtle influence may help to bring our dreams into sharper focus. It can also supply us with a greater ability to express on an intellectual level what we are sensing more intuitively. Accordingly, today might also be a fun time to throw a few Tarot cards and see what comes up for us. It’s also an excellent time to investigate our nocturnal dreams. We may be experiencing more vivid dreams than usual now.

*All times EDT.

Happy Full Moon Blessings! Hope it’s a good one! Be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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