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“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…” Nicholas Sparks.

The Last Quarter Moon in intense Scorpio takes center-stage today (at 5:17 pm). This lunar phase could highlight or underscore for us where we may be overly invested emotionally, or where we may be holding on too tightly (to the past), and how that more rigid-like stance could be undermining the positive growth that we’ve intended or envisioned for ourselves (Sun in Aquarius).

Fortunately, shortly after the LQM occurs Luna also sextiles Saturn (at 5:20 pm), which should give us an ability to capitalize on our past experiences with respect to managing any present issues; Moon-Saturn tends to be more stabilizing for the emotions. It’s also good energy for working out home or family concerns.

This is also the last full day that assertive Mars will be in adventurous Sagittarius so there could be a final, last-minute push or desire to chase our dreams, stretch our horizons. On a collective level, we could also possibly see pivotal developments in the legal arena, such as important trials coming to an end.

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Tarot Card For The Day: The Three of Pentacles, which suggests that we are well on our way towards self-mastery or perfecting a craft or skill, but that there’s also still much work to be done and that we need to continue to apply ourselves diligently to the tasks before us. This card can also represent the need for group involvement or for working in conjunction with others.

Numerology for 2-15-2020: Being the 15th day of the month (which reduces down to a Venus-ruled six) there can be a stepped-up desire for social involvement or engagement in artistic pursuits as well as a special flair for dealing with people in general. There’s also possibly enhanced ability for honing in on our business interests. Too, we are exactly at the midway mark of February and this fact alone could also motivate us to keep wanting to methodically plug along to a successful conclusion of things, assuming we have already invested a great deal of our time and talent to make a go of certain things.

On This Day in History: On February 15, 1879, the US Congress authorizes women lawyers to practice before the Supreme Court.

In the heavens, that day, the power-enhancing Sun, analytical orator Mercury and high-minded Jupiter were deposited in equality-oriented Aquarius. The Sun/Mercury midpoint was also exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter, suggesting perhaps a wider arena or platform for expressing powerful (Sun) thoughts and ideas (Mercury) of a more legal/ethical/philosophical nature (Jupiter). The Moon, symbolizing women, was also in diversity welcoming Sagittarius, the Jupiter-ruled sign that formally governs the law and courts. (Libra, the Scales, also deals with issues of justice or fairness.)

Born On This Day: Galileo Galilei, in 1564, an Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer who has been called the father of science (d. 1642).

Galileo had Mercury exactly conjunct Pluto in his chart often an indicator of strong powers of observation. He also had Saturn, the planet that rules science, in a tight conjunction with abundant Jupiter. 

A quote by Galileo: “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.”

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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