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“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.” Lin Yu Tang

Hopefully, if we smile right and hold our head up, the right way, we’ll be able to make some steady progress today and wrap up the first month of the new year on a high note! 🙂

The Moon is also deposited in “eager-beaver” Aries all day, until mid-evening, so we should be able to put our finishing touches on everything without expressing too much angst – even though Luna does square dramatic Pluto (6:11 am) and restrictive Saturn (9:24 am), which can, perhaps, temporarily immerse us into the more onerous side of our duties or obligations, although the Aries Moon does like a good challenge and is always determined to come out the victor. Too, we’re definitely not walking around with blinders on; we know or sense a lot is at stake for us now (the activation, once again, of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction).

Fortunately, the Moon in Aries also sextiles communicator Mercury (10:10 am), which should help us to articulate exactly what we’re feeling. Too, with Mercury in innovative Aquarius, the sign of its exaltation, it’s likely that we’re able to put forward futuristic ideas or thoughts now, including possibly having some riveting conversations or discourses that personally feel very liberating to us. You know, the kind of passionate exchanges in which we think we’re suddenly able to solve many of the world’s woes as a result of our unique, fresh perceptions. The Moon-Mercury sextile is also the last aspect that Luna makes before she goes void-of-course, so the impact of this aspect will be felt longer than usual.

Meanwhile, Luna will enter deliberate Taurus at 7:28 pm, a locale that she’ll be hanging out in, all weekend.

*All times EST.

Tarot Card For The Day: The King of Pentacles. This card represents someone who is enterprising, practical, and resourceful. There’s also a certain degree of pride or contentment here with respect to what has been achieved. (It’s kind of like we’re reviewing January, and plucking from it, the many fruits of our labors.) 

Numerology For 1-31-2020: “Thirty-one” is a very strong foundational number suggesting that what we build now will endure. While there’s also presently a need to act in a very methodical way that enhances our security, there’s also an accompanying, very creative vibe to the day, that we’re also able to tap into.

Born On This Day: Thomas Merton, the French-American Catholic writer and Trappist monk, in 1915 (d. 1968). Merton once wrote: “The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image.” 

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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