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“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” Stephen R. Covey

Both the Sun (will) and Mercury (thinking) leave slow-moving, plodding Taurus, this morning, and enter breezy, cerebral Gemini, the communication sign, and the sign of the Twins. This sign is also ruled by Mercury so the ‘Winged Messenger’ feels right at home here.

For the next few weeks, with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, we get to passionately, and independently, channel our inner reporter and astutely relay all the news/gossip/goings-on in our neck of the woods – whether it’s fit to print or not! 🙂

Gemini relishes making observations, drawing comparisons, taking notes, gathering/imparting/receiving information. It’s very social energy, yet emotionally detached, at the same time, which might be a very good thing now since assertive Mars is moving through feelings-oriented, reactive Cancer. The Gemini vibe here sort of balancing out the Cancer moodiness, self-protectiveness. Too, with both the Sun and Mercury deposited in articulate Gemini, there’s a better chance for us to be able to outwardly voice/write/express what’s going on inside of us, on an emotional level.

Meanwhile, Gemini also rules transportation and travel (especially trips of shorter duration), so we may find ourselves being a lot more mobile, over the next month or so. It might also be a time when we may think about getting a new car or be attending to vehicle-related matters.

Additionally today, the Sun and Mercury are in superior conjunction at 0 degrees of Gemini (9:06 am). A superior conjunction is the equivalent, so to speak, of a Full Moon, which means there’s an increased likelihood that we could experience sudden moments/flashes of greater clarity/brilliance now, including receiving answers/solutions to problems, or come across information/teachings/the right questions that greatly expand/fuel our awareness. We may also be more effective at communicating our thoughts and ideas now.

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Famous May 21 Birthdays: Raymond Burr, Andrei Sakharov, Al Franken, Mr. T

“Intellectual freedom is essential — freedom to obtain and distribute information, freedom for open-minded and unfearing debate and freedom from pressure by officialdom and prejudices.” Andrei Sakharov

On This Day in History: On May 21, 1881, the American Red Cross is founded by Clara Barton, a pioneering nurse and humanitarian.

The Astrology that day: The Moon was in sympathetic/empathic Pisces, the sign of self-sacrifice and service to others. There was also a stellium of five planets and Chiron in anchoring, earthy Taurus, the sign in which our intentions are made manifest, including Venus (love) and Saturn (duty and responsibility), which were exactly conjunct in Taurus at 5 degrees; Jupiter (goodwill ambassador, philanthropist) was also at 9 degrees of Taurus and exactly trining Uranus (humanitarian, innovator) in healing Virgo.

“I have an almost complete disregard of precedent and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things always have been done… I defy the tyranny of precedent. I cannot afford the luxury of a closed mind. I go for anything new that might improve the past.” Clara Barton

Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

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