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“He who thinks little errs much…” Leonardo da Vinci

Thinker Mercury in practical Taurus is forming an awkward aspect (quinqunx) to philosophical Jupiter (retrograde) in enthusiastic Sagittarius today (5:48 pm EDT) so there may be a tendency to gloss over pivotal details in a bid to view things from a larger, big-picture lens. While this aspect can help put us in touch with our revered hopes or dreams for the future, we are also potentially more likely to discount or override good old-fashioned common-sense now. Since Jupiter is also retrograde, it could be that we are revisiting a tantalizing situation from the past now. Still trying to ‘bring it down from the clouds.’ However, it’s probably not going to be happening, just yet, again, as, more than likely, more flesh still needs to be applied to the demanding Saturnian bones for this delicate thing to fly on its own. A good question, maybe, to ask ourselves today, is, “What am I not seeing here that could be a game changer?”

Famous May 17 Birthdays: Dennis Hopper, Sugar Ray Leonard

On This Day in History: On May 17, 1900, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is first published by L. Frank Baum with illustrations by William Wallace Denslow in Chicago. The astrology that day: Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node were conjunct in story-telling Sagittarius and initiating Mars had just entered 0 degrees of manifesting Taurus. Communicator Mercury was also in Taurus and separating from a sextile to artistic Venus in “there’s no place like home” Cancer.

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