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“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” J. R. Rim

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Today’s Energy:

Today’s illuminating Full Moon in “grounded” Taurus (8:05 am) is a chance for us to become more aware of what it is that we need to adhere to, or how it is that we need to be, in order to psychologically feel safer or more secure in the world. Conversely, since this is a Full Moon, there may also be insights now regarding what experiences that we may need to release or let go of, so that we will be better able to accommodate a new order, into our lives.

Venus-ruled Taurus symbolizes what we value or appreciate; or what we want to attract.  It is also in the practical experiences of this sign that we learn how to manage or care for our personal resources, including learning how to handle our money and possessions. When I think about Taurus, too, I always think of a quote by Gloria Steinem in which she says (paraphrasing her now) that “our checkbook stubs always reflect our true values.”

Also, since Taurus rules the Earth, communing with nature is perhaps an excellent way for us to feel more grounded or centered inside our bodies now. The late Scottish naturalist and author, John Muir, once said that the “clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” Generally, any experiences that indulge or engage our physical senses are highly favored now.

With this Taurus Full Moon, the Sun, which symbolizes our ego, is in the opposing sign of Scorpio, meaning that we are also seeking to integrate or balance other people’s values with our own now (the Scorpio experience), as well as learning how to share what we have with others.

Too, Since Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, there can be more awareness of our own “inner resistance” to letting go of such things as our own stubbornness, stinginess, or possessiveness, traits which both Taurus and Scorpio archetypally represent, on the shadow side. We may also want to ponder, now, how holding onto these sorts of more grasping behaviors may be working to preserve the status quo, in our lives, instead of allowing us to move along more freely into the bigger, more fluid world of our dreams.

Instructive Saturn, in “philosophical” Sagittarius, is also quinqunx this lunation suggesting that our beliefs (Sagittarius) and values (Taurus) may need to be shifted around or reconciled in some manner.  Too, it could be, that maybe we are coming to the realization that our actual lives, in some way, do not really reflect what we say that we believe in.

On the other hand, we may discover that our beliefs, or the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves and the nature of the world, are too self-limiting, and that they may need to be revamped because they are holding us back in various ways, including possibly even interfering with our ability to prosper or experience a sense of abundance in our lives.

Saturn also specifically represents our fears and guilt, and it could be that we are being challenged now to face some of what makes us afraid or fearful, especially with respect to our security or survival needs. We may also be learning lessons in how to be more responsible (Saturn) in the management of our resources (Taurus), so that what we have accrued, or are accruing, will be able to serve us over the long haul. Money guru Suze Orman says that the only way that we will ever take control of our financial life is to “dig deep and fix the root problem.” 

Fortunately, we also have a stellium of planets in “corrective” Virgo now (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter), which can make us very resourceful in figuring out practical, common-sense solutions to our issues.

Transcendent Neptune is also sextiling this lunation, potentially empowering us with a faith in “unseen forces.” This influence can also serve to invoke our compassion, for both ourselves and others.

Venus in Virgo, the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon, is quinqunx “unconventional” Uranus in Aries, an influence that can make us seek out novel pleasures, as well as our wanting, perhaps, to have more wiggle room in relationships. This aspect could also bring up some questions regarding how we can serve others (Virgo), while still being true to ourselves (Aries). “I don’t want my life to be defined by what is etched on a tombstone. I want it to be defined by what is etched in the lives and hearts of those I’ve touched.” Steve Maraboli.

Questions for Today: How do you need to live in order to thrive? What comes up for you when you think of the word ‘money?” How would you characterize your relationship with the Earth? What have you learned about your own life by observing nature?

In the News:  Just a few hours before the Full Moon in Taurus, Congress and the White House reach a tentative budget deal (Taurus) and decide to raise the debt ceiling (Scorpio). This deal, if it’s passed, would represent a major breakthrough after years of gridlock in Congress, especially on fiscal issues. (NYtimes.com).

Famous October 27 Birthdays: Teddy Roosevelt, Kelly Osbourne, Captain James Cooke, Ruby Dee, John Cleese, Dylan Thomas, Leif Erickson

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Teddy Roosevelt

Full Moon Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

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