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“Relax, let go, allow, and recognize that some of your desires are about how you think your world should be, rather than how it is in that moment. Become an astute observer…judge less and listen more. Take time to open your mind to the fascinating mystery and uncertainty that we all experience.” Wayne Dyer (May 10,1940 – August 29, 2015)

Today’s Energy:

The Moon’s shift into “anchoring” Taurus (5:02 am) helps us to see the wisdom in going at things at our own pace – particularly if that pace includes some time for partaking in pleasurable or leisure activities. Communing with nature can also be especially grounding and renewing for us now. “Is not a dew-drop on a blade of grass more beautiful than a pearl set in gold? Friedrich Max Muller. The Moon remains in Taurus until Friday morning (7:48 am).

The Moon trining “altruistic” Jupiter in “service-oriented Virgo” (1:01 pm) endows us with a sense of peace and goodwill toward others – especially if we’re operating from our nobler side. This is also excellent energy for dealing with people from other cultures or backgrounds, promoting women’s issues, or for making improvements in the home, including  any re-organizing or de-cluttering efforts. This might also be a good time to air out the house; let it breath and release trapped energies.

Moon sextile to “transcendent” Neptune in Pisces (6:54 pm) guides us to experience more of a sense of inner calmness or stillness. The worries of the day tend to drift away now like gentle waves receding along the shoreline. A wonderful time, perhaps, to dine by candlelight, be by water, or to take in a movie or play.

Moon trining the life-giving Sun in “productive” Virgo (10:06 pm) enhances our physical vitality and personal sense of power. Our energies are flowing now in a more unobstructed manner. If we’re so inclined, we may want to consider using this time period for tending to important work-related projects, career strategizing, or for business/ investment planning.

Interestingly, it was Aristotle who reportedly first coined the word ‘energy’ to express the concept of “vigor of expression.” He also believed “the energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

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Famous September 2 Birthdays: Mark Harmon, Terry Bradshaw, Christa McAuliffe, Harvey Levin, P.D. Ouspensky

“It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning.” P.D. Ouspenky

Enjoy your Wednesday! Sorry I’ve been so scarce around here, this summer. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

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