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“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.” Steve Maraboli

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Today’s Energy:

While the Moon remains in “grounding” Taurus all day, intellectual Mercury is forming a quinqunx to “vague” Neptune. The challenge with this aspect is to strive to be as clear as possible in our thinking as we can, while conceding at the same time that we may not be in possession of all the information that we would like to have to craft our decisions. The phrase “on a wing and a prayer” comes to mind here. Mercury-Neptune is also specifically associated with “wishful thinking” due to the fantasy nature of Neptune.

Questions for Today: How do you differentiate between “positive thinking” and “wishful thinking?” In general, how comfortable are you at “winging it?” What do you typically do – what steps do you take – to gain greater clarity on matters?

Famous September 3 Birthdays: Charlie Sheen, Dave Ramsey, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Valerie Perrine, Alan Ladd, Eileen Brennan

“You can’t be in debt and win.” Dave Ramsey

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

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Pixabay photo: Sunrise, Foggy, Countryside

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