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Dead End

Cosmic Quote of the Day: “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” W. Clement Stone

As we all know, over-thinking things can often land us smack on the road to nowhere  – a frustrating destination that will quite obligingly dead-end our dreams and crash our hopes, if we let it. Of course, knowing when to stop thinking and when to take action on something isn’t always easy to determine, especially when our fears intervene. Today, with thinker Mercury quinqunx cautious Saturn, we may be wrestling a bit with the “what-iffing” syndrome, or given to second-guessing ourselves. Fortunately, though, the Moon’s shift into action-oriented Aries (12:37 pm) helps us to get over these self-sabotaging hurdles, so that we can begin moving forward again at a confident pace. Benjamin Disraeli once remarked that action may not always bring happiness, but that there is no happiness without action.

*All times EDT.

Famous July 7 Birthdays: Ringo Starr, Michelle Kwan, George Kukor, Pierre Cardin

“You can always land on your feet if you know where the ground is.” George Kukor

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

Sunflower 4

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