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“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.” Jane Austen

While our past is a potent filter or frame of reference for how we view today, we also have within us the power to choose, in the present moment, what memories we want to embrace, or another time, what memories we wish to lovingly let go of. Also, while we cannot go back and literally redo the past, as perhaps some of us would like to, as our consciousness and perceptions shift, we can go back in time, in our mind’s eye and, if we so desire, choose to attach more self-affirming significance to some of those prior experiences that have been shadowing us around, realizing that, at any moment in time, the particular meaning that any one memory has for us is exactly whatever we decide to give to it. No more, no less.

(Thinker Mercury enters “nostalgic” Cancer, 5:12 am EDT)

Patrice Thompson

Evening Skies 2

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