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The “optimistic” Sagittarius Moon may find us wishing upon a star. It could be, too, that many of our wishes do come true now with a Grand Earth Trine, today through Thursday. Abundant Jupiter, romantic Venus, courageous Mars and reforming Pluto may serve as an auspicious springboard to help us manifest our financial and pleasurable intentions for ourselves.

This rare grand trine is potentially very transforming energy that can help to dramatically reshape our world in all sorts of wondrous ways. Also, hopefully allowing us to simultaneously spread our sphere of influence in a positive manner.

This is also an ideal period for achieving a deeper awareness of the mysteries of life, as well boding well for our being able to solve long-standing riddles, or ferret out what has previously been hidden from view, perhaps even tucked away in our own amazing depths. “He then learns that in going down into the secrets of his own mind he has descended into the secrets of all minds.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Famous birthdays March 13: Ron L. Hubbard, Walter Annenberg

News Update: Major stock indexes closed at multi-year highs today! Is it just a coincidence that we also have a grand trine in the earth signs now? 🙂

What kind of turnaround would you like to see in your life?

Patrice Thompson

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