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The “philosophical” Sagittarius Moon prompts us to take a “big picture view” of things. The ruler of Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter, is also in a 135-degree alignment with energetic Mars. This Mars-Jupiter influence can give rise to unbridled enthusiasm which can result in our going a little bit overboard, if we are not careful. We can, however, turn this energy into a win-win situation for ourselves by simply not over-committing our time or resources and practicing some restraint in what we say and do.

Venus, ruling relationships, is also square to intense Pluto, which governs the realm of our subconscious. With this Venus-Pluto aspect, buried or suppressed feelings tend to emerge, clamoring for our attention like a young child. While we may be very wise to acknowledge their presence and reflect upon why they are surfacing now, and what they have to teach us, we must also keep in mind that they are only temporary house guests passing through and not permanent residents we are stuck with, particularly if the emotions that are arising now are more of a shadow nature.

On the plus side, Venus-Pluto can be very insightful for fostering awareness concerning how we may need to change or restructure our relationships in order to allow for more personal growth within those alliances. We may also want to keep in mind today that all of our power comes from within and by trying to control other people only serves to ultimately dis-empower us in the end. Another shadow manifestation of Venus-Pluto can be a tendency to use manipulation with others to achieve our own ends instead of honoring and respecting other people’s boundaries and desires. Too, we often act this way when we are feeling threatened or are fearful of losing the love that we desire. “Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.” Elie Wiesel

February 15 Birthdays: Harvey Korman, Chris Farley

What action can you take today to deepen or strengthen your relationships?

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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