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Romantic and business relationships have a chance to solidify today and we may also feel that our hopes and wishes are finally achievable as love goddess, Venus, forms a flowing, creative trine with stabilizing Saturn and also a conjunction with dreamy, idealistic Neptune. Intellectual Mercury is also making its annual conjunction with probing Pluto helping to intensify and focus our thinking. The Mercury-Pluto aspect additionally gives us a chance to don our detective hat and possibly solve or put to rest some long-standing riddles. Too, the Moon is in a supportive role in analytical Virgo the entire day.

“All genius is a conquering of chaos and mystery.” Otto Weininger

Famous Birthdays Today: Robert Stack, Kevin Foster

Today’s Affirmation: I am moving closer to my relationship goals. I also have my eyes wide open and am able to see clearly what lies before me.

What makes a relationship solid in your mind?

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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