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We shift into more of a “we” mindset with the Moon’s descent into relationship Libra (8:29 am EST).  Libra’s ruler, sweet Venus, also dives into the compassionate waters of Pisces today (12:48 am EST) where she will seductively swim until February 8. In dreamy Pisces, Venus helps to wet our appetite for fantasy and “fairy-tale romance,” making us more willing and receptive to the idea of tearing down our crusty relational walls in order to experience a feeling of total oneness or bliss with our beloved. Of course, on the flip side, this desire for a removal of boundaries can also make us more vulnerable emotionally, as our tender root system is exposed.

The “goddess of love and money” is also making a soothing sextile to expansive, philosophical Jupiter, inspiring us to attach a higher meaning or significance to our alliances, while simultaneously stoking our generosity and optimism. In astrology, Venus-Jupiter alignments are considered to be highly fortuitous in nature and can help to deliver to us the abundance we are seeking, either in a real literal sense or on a symbolic level. These two planets together can also heighten our experience of pleasure. On the topic of pleasure, Euripides, the Greek playwright, said, “The greatest pleasure of life is love.” The Irish poet, Oscar Wilde, also stated that, “an inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of staying young.”

The Moon’s monthly opposition to non-conforming Uranus (10:29 am EST) may additionally signal that we need to take some kind of action today that sets us apart from the crowd and allows us to display our originality and brilliance. Later, the Moon’s square to hidden Pluto (9:50 pm EST) prompts us to “look within” for the answers.

“The peace we need is always present, it’s just that we have forgotten where it is and how to find it.” Clare Wilde

Famous Birthdays Today: Albert Schweitzer, Faye Dunaway

Today’s Affirmation: I am surrounded by love. I am love. I freely give my love.

What do you know (or not know) about love?

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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