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“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” –  Les Brown

The enterprising Aries Moon gets favorable assist today from its energetic ruler Mars, situated in security-oriented Cancer, and also expansive Jupiter, busy ringing up the cash register in money bags Taurus. Both of these heavenly bodies are harmoniously sextile to each other helping to fire up our enthusiasm and propel us at warp speed toward our goals. We are more optimistic about our future, but still have a goodly amount of practical bearings about us. A positive day to wage heroic efforts to stabilize and or upgrade our humble lot in life.

Looking back, too, we find that the last time that we had Mars in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus was in September of 1964. This motivating and inspiring influence was exact on September 10th, that year, the very same day that the African Development Bank was founded. This financial institution was created for the purpose of fostering economic and social development in Africa. The bank reportedly has a public-mandate to reduce poverty through sustainable development. Fascinatingly, Jupiter governs the banking industry. It also tries to act as a goodwill ambassador, whenever it can.

Additionally, Jupiter rules foreigners and on September 10, 1964, Germany reportedly received its 1,000,000th foreign worker. How about that! Another cool astrological tie-in.

Enjoy your Thursday! Go get ’em!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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