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“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.” Henri Matisse

The empowering Sun, at the tail end of Leo the Lion, is forming its annual opposition to “foggy” Neptune in “change-oriented” Aquarius.  While Sun-Neptune can spark our creative juices, since Neptune governs our imagination, it can also, on the shadow side, blur or obscure matters, making it more difficult for us to see clearly the true nature of things. Accordingly, we are wise to commandeer our earthly beings more cautiously now and also make sure we take time to perform our sacred due diligence in matters that are important to us, particularly with respect to any new beginnings.

Too, we have the Leo Sun making a semi-square to restrictive Saturn, in partnership Libra, perhaps opening the door for us to further buildup our glorious supply of patience, especially when we are dealing with other people.  With Sun-Saturn we are often faced with limitations (and endings) and have to use our noodle to figure out how to maneuver or rise above them. Fortunately for us today, the Moon is in intellectual Gemini where she adores mental gymnastics. She also helps us out in the flexibility department in this sign.

“Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles.” Bob Richards

In the News:  On the eve of the proud Leo Sun’s opposition to nebulous Neptune, in group-oriented, defiant Aquarius, rebels opposed to Colonel Gadhafi’s regime stormed into Tripoli on Sunday. The military unit that was supposed to guard Gadhafi and the capital city reportedly surrendered to rebel forces, an indication that Gadhafi’s regime is “crumbling,” according to news sources.

Historically, and symbolically, the planet Neptune is linked with surrender. Neptune is also known as the “Great Dissolver,” often making our ties to matters more tenuous (“crumbling” of Gadhafi regime). The Sun also symbolizes world leaders.

Too, the Sun’s placement at the very last degree of authoritative Leo suggests more of an urgency, or precarious state, for those in power now. Also, the Libyan rebels  would be symbolically denoted by Neptune in Aquarius, with Neptune in Aquarius signaling change and a new order of things. Neptune also helps to to add a “surrealistic” tone to matters. Gadhafi has reportedly been in power for more than 40 years in Libya and now we all sense it is coming to an end. The more “denying” Sun-Saturn aspect now, too, could signify an “end to a reign of power” for a head of state.

We also have Saturn and Neptune forming a more challenging 135-degree aspect in the sky now, which will be exact in a couple days. This backdrop influence (which lasts for several days) can indicate a major erosion or undermining (Neptune) of existing structure (Saturn). Of course, we additionally have recalcitrant Uranus square controlling Pluto in governmental Capricorn, which also helps to topple despotic (Pluto) regimes.

On another level, in wake of the Saturn-Neptune aspect, we may want to pay closer attention to issues concerning oil, and also maybe the sea, this week, as Neptune governs both of these things. Too, Libya is home to a key portion of the world’s sweet crude oil supply.

Enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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