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“Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.” Ben Hecht

The planet Venus, ruler of love and money, shifts into playful Gemini today (10:24 am EDT) vacating possessive Taurus. This may facilitate more movement and flexibility in our relationships and perhaps inspire more ingenuity with respect to our money-making ability. Venus in Gemini is more intellectual than emotional in its approach, and with its placement here, in the communication sign, there can be a real love of words and a deep affection for conversation and writing. Venus in Gemini also requires that we have a strong mental bond with someone before we give our tender heart away.  There is also more of a tendency to flirt or tease with this placement. Venus will stay in Gemini until July 4th which may be a romantic boon for natives of this sign.

Too, wherever Venus is transiting by house (area of life) in our personal horoscopes now is where we may see an easing of conditions and opportunity for forming positive new relationships, especially once Saturn goes direct in partnership Libra on June 12th. Venus rules our “power of attraction.” (BTW, yours truly has her lovable Venus in Gemini. I consider it to be one of my saving graces.)

Of course, very rarely is anything in the cosmos ever simple to figure out. The very same day that we have love maven Venus entering breezy Gemini, we also have assertive Mars in stubborn Taurus forming a more challenging 135-degree link (sesquiquadrate) to controlling Pluto in career Capricorn.  Always with Mars-Pluto under stress, there is a risk that the hidden despot in us may try to surface (this is an aspect linked to regime changes). Accordingly, we may want to monitor ourselves more closely and be willing to rein ourselves in, at a moment’s notice, when we see that our proposals and plans for the future etc., are not going over too well and enemy troops are circling all around us. 🙂

Too, there is also the chance that we can encounter this type of controlling, forceful, or inflexible behavior through others now (maybe the boss with Pluto in authoritative Capricorn). The Moon, too, is in workaholic Virgo today (until 6:32 pm EDT).

Mars-Pluto can additionally force us to deal with broken situations in need of immediate repair. Pluto denotes destruction or decay followed by hopeful rebirth or transformation. A good day perhaps for recycling and purging. We may also want to be more vigilant with money and possession matters, and try to minimize our risk or exposure there, as Mars in dollar sign Taurus linked with Pluto potentially has financial implications.Too, we do not want to be manipulative (Pluto) now with our resources, as that could backfire on us.

The Moon enters diplomatic Libra this evening (6:32 pm EDT) and also trines lady Venus herself (7:17 pm EDT), the ruler of Libra, which may help to negate or subdue any of the coarser, testosterone-laden Mars-Pluto energy still permeating the ether. Libra, the sign of “the other,” tends to make us more social and cooperative with each other. It is the sign of peace. John Lennon was a Libra. Need I say more?

In the News: With expansive Jupiter in acquisition-minded Taurus exactly sextile to Neptune in Pisces yesterday, Exxon announced that it has made a major oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Neptune rules oil. Chiron also stationed retrograde in Pisces yesterday, the sign that Neptune rules. BTW, the very day Chiron first entered Pisces in the spring of 2010, we had the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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