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“Flawed judgment can serve as a bridge to sound decision-making when we wisely learn from our missteps.”  Patrice Thompson

The day kicks off with the Moon still deposited in drama queen Leo then shifts into worker bee Virgo (3:34 pm EDT) at which time our personal efficiency level gets boosted up a notch, as Virgo tends to be very organized and analytical. The Virgo Moon’s lucky trine to generous, optimistic Jupiter in material Taurus (4:43 on EDT) also bodes well for money and possession matters.

We may also find that our ability for clear thinking is potentially enhanced today with intellectual Mercury in Gemini’s trine to astute Saturn in balanced Libra. This is an excellent day for mental concentration, long-term planning, budget discussions, working on detailed reports, matters of commitment,  and gaining influential support or backing (Saturn) for our ideas (Mercury).

Anchoring Saturn tends to steady or stabilize our thinking and confers upon us practical know-how based upon our experience. It can also make us much more disciplined (Saturn). Too, we are more apt choose our words (Mercury) more wisely (Saturn). This is a positive time to discuss serious (Saturn) issues, especially related to our goals. Also, this is a good day to seek out professional advice or counseling.

Note: The Moon is void-of-course from 11:28 am EDT until 3:34 pm EDT. During that time span it is best to attend to old matters versus starting anything new.

Famous Birthdays June 7th: Late Dean Martin (94), Prince (53). BTW, Prince has a fascinating horoscope with a very strong “Pluto” tone to it, which may help to explain why he has always been more of a mystery to figure out. (Pluto can be very secretive). Also, it sheds light on his intensity.

Prince has his Pluto in entertainment Leo at 29 degrees exactly conjunct his 10th house of career (the highest point in his chart). He also has a Pluto-ruled Scorpio Ascendant (how the world sees him), and his restless Gemini Sun (power source) is exactly conjunct his 8th house cusp of other people’s resources (also the house of sex), which is the natural house of Pluto.

Pluto conjunct the authoritative 10th house often denotes the potential for a “power complex,” as Pluto governs the urge for power and or control. Pluto also represents the masses, and individuals with Pluto here often rise to positions whereby they can impact a large number of people (10th house is also linked with an individual’s reputation and the world at large).

Pluto also denotes our passions and obsessions and when it is on the professional house there can be an intense pursuit of career matters, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. The person may also have the feeling that they are “fated” for a certain role. There is also often a desire to transform or radically reshape the world in some way, usually in conjunction with career, as Pluto represents the rebirth factor. Of course, Prince has done just that through his incredible music and unique theatrics (Leo). Prince also has his artistic Venus in sensual Taurus (ruling the voice)  aligned with both Uranus (genius) and Neptune (fantasy). Hope Prince has a wonderful birthday. Wonder if he’ll be partying tonight? Like it’s 1999? Do you think? Gotta’ believe that he will. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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