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“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” Herman Melville

The “grounded” Taurus Moon implores us to be practical today. However, mental Mercury’s conjunction with erratic, non-conforming Uranus in dreamy Pisces (11:06 am EST) may also have our heads spinning with “original” or more “off the wall” ideas (Uranus). Of course, the combination of these two forces could pose a bit of a dilemma for us, unless we find a satisfactory way to integrate both of these energies. Overall, probably a good day to profile or express our uniqueness, while simultaneously attempting to think outside of the proverbial box. Too, we don’t need to necessarily act on any new ideas or insights that we may get at this time.

Uranus, as the higher octave of Mercury, also rules our intuition. So with Mercury-Uranus, we are potentially better able to channel our intuitive awareness now, with answers and information seemingly coming to us “out of the blue.”

Communicator Mercury, governing our conscious thinking, also descends into fiery Aries today (12:47 pm EST) where it will stay until mid-May. In Aries, Mercury is decisive and fast to act on its ideas, often acting before thinking.  Mercury here can also be competitive, and usually has more of an affinity for debating, as well as for arguing.

Too, if we normally struggle to express ourselves through speech or words, we may find that Mercury’s placement here is a boon for our self-expression, endowing us with greater self-confidence and daring. Also, if we have been “stuck” in our patterns of thinking, it could be Mercury through Aries, can help us to see and or adopt new points of view. On the shadow side, we do need to avoid, however, being overly impatient and headstrong in our thoughts and attitudes now. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, tends to be more self-centered, with the keywords for Aries being, “I Am.”

Mercury joins expansive Jupiter in Aries and on Friday, change-agent Uranus will also move into Aries, where it will reside for the next 7 years. The Universe is magically aligning for us to take very exciting action (Aries) in our lives in the coming weeks and months ahead!

“I never worry about action, only inaction.” Winston Churchill

Famous Birthdays March 9: Late Bobby Fischer (68), Kato Kaelin (52).

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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