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“To be able to move on, one has to learn to forgive not only the other person (or people) who have done one wrong but also oneself.” Eugenia Tripputi


There’s a Full Moon today (4:22 pm EST) in maternal Cancer at 29 degrees. Full Moons bring us awareness. They are also a time for release. This one in emotional Cancer can make us aware of how we nurture and take care of ourselves and others. This is a terrific time to give ourselves “extra mothering,” “extra pampering,” to do something nice for ourselves that will have the effect of making us feel more secure, more contented. It is also a time to ponder our emotional needs, to go inward. To take the temperature of our feelings.

Also, we want to be warmly reaching out to others now. Perhaps we could invite a friend or neighbor over for a home-cooked meal. Additionally, we may want to connect with special persons from our past, as Cancer deals with our roots, and purposely reminds us of where we’ve been.

Because the Full Moon in domestic Cancer opposes the Sun in Capricorn, which governs our professional life, we could also gain new insights now on how to best juggle our home life vs. our professional life. It could be, too, that we can prune away or purge elements from both of these areas to make ourselves feel more empowered. Personally, I am in the middle of a big purge project on the homefront, and am going to use at least part of this day for getting rid of more of the clutter around me that has been psychologically weighing me down, and interfering with what I want to accomplish in the outer world.

Today’s Full Moon also harmoniously trines expansive Jupiter and awakening Uranus at the end of inward-seeking Pisces, suggesting a special fortuitous aspect to this lunar event, especially in terms of emotional breakthroughs. Also, with the Capricorn Sun sextile to lucky Jupiter this may be a favorable time to make gains professionally or in business. Jupiter’s benevolent ray tends to positively grow the world around us.

“The true worth of a man is to be measured by the object he pursues.” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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