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“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Lordy, lordy! Look up in the sky! What is that coppery red, circular blob up there glowing in the heavens? Is it some kind of mysterious drunken bird with bloodshot eyes? Is it a space station from the planet Mars? Or did maybe Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer suffer some sort of painful nose detachment in a test run for the big event this weekend?

It could be that all of these lunatic interpretations are wrong, and what we are really looking at is the “Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse” on December 21, 2010 (3:14 am EST) at 29 degrees of motor mouth Gemini, which is also occurring on the same day as the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.  Something that hasn’t happened together for 456 years, according to NASA.

The winter solstice is symbolically viewed as a transforming rebirth of the life-giving Sun, going from dark to light (shorter to longer days). While the full moon brings things to “full illumination and fruition,” with eclipses tending to magnify the impact of the typical full moon energy.

The coupling of these two, awe-inspiring, celestial events could be spiritually transforming for us, too, if we choose this rare time for prayer and meditation, and for going within. We are symbolically moving from an “unenlightened state” to a “state of enlightenment.” The lights of our consciousness are being “turned back on,” we are becoming more empowered, and can theoretically now “more clearly see our path.” A powerful time to set our intentions for the new year.

On another, more mundane level, however, this big, regenerating sky event, will also likely ratchet up all of our light bills significantly at the end of the month, causing many of us to flip our switches! We know how nothing is free anymore. Too, look for the stars to twinkle less in the coming year, as control freak Pluto in tightwad Capricorn imposes strict new energy efficiency standards on their output. 🙂

There is even a possibility that we may have to launch Saint Julian Assange and all of his holy WikiLeaks crew into outer space to investigate further, this matter of the dimming celestial lights. Early rumor has it that Michael Moore is also willing to foot the bill for the trip, if he can later make a twilight zone documentary of the whole thing starring Hillary Clinton.

It could be, too, that this Lunar Eclipse is really a hoax that the White House is clandestinely staging to divert our attention. We live in such a wicked world nowadays, we can never take anything at face value anymore. Until recently, there was virtually zero transparency. That is, until WikiLeaks gallantly came along. But then again, we may also want to question the motivation behind that glittery empire. Things are not always as they appear.  So much is a sham. A masquerade. Would not be surprised if Assange is really an alien creature from another galaxy, checking the temperature and pulse of things on earth before spearheading a complete takeover of the planet in 2012 by hackers with no teeth.

Even the face of the Moon, seems to be sporting an escalating, and very suspicious looking case of acne now, with this Lunar Eclipse. Just look at those red pock marks on her.  They’re everywhere! Probably due, in large part, to a female hormonal imbalance, spawned by menopause. The curse of the female DNA!

But, then again, it could just be that the marks are fake, and actually an orchestrated disguise. A stealthily paid for advertisement to get us thinking about pimple cream and our complexions. What ever happened to the good ole’ days and simply making love by the silvery Moon in our ’57 Chevy? No pressure of multi-tasking. No subversive messages about zits impinging upon our tender brains. We only had a few knobs to reach for, a few buttons to push. Lassie the collie dog roamed, but always came home at night with angelic Timmy. June Lockhart was there to make dinner and read us a bedtime story, and to tuck us in.

In all due seriousness (but can we even be serious with a devilishly lighthearted Gemini Moon?), this rare lunar event may be when we want to take full ownership, a full accounting, of our myriad thoughts and ideas, which are symbolically ruled by dictionary-minded Gemini, the designator of our humble conscious awareness and the sign of communication and speech. Attempt to gain a “full moon awareness and illumination” of all of the stuff and information that we endlessly pile away in our plush little heads, while going about the course of our soulful daily lives. Especially since the Eclipse is taking place at 29 degrees of Gemini, the very last degree of the sign, when we could all very well be “at the end of our ropes,” with respect to suffering all the stressful symptoms from an “over-crammed head,” which can often make it much more difficult to swallow, or to even blink our eyes. We know we will be completely finished off when we can no longer move our lips – instant death for a chatty Gemini Moon! Perish the thought.

Some suggested things to ask ourselves now: Why do we choose to feed our heads the way that we do? Is the mental diet that we are adhering to, meeting our daily intellectual needs as set up by the government? Are we happy with the general landscape of our mind? Or do we live in fear and trepidation at the prospect of getting lost in our thoughts because they are plum too bewildering and creepy? Especially the one about Sarah Palin becoming President, with Bristol Palin as Vice-President.

Another immediate case in point: Reading this blog right now. It may very well be that we need to be more discriminating about what we give our attention to in the future. Do we we even know why we are choosing to read about astrology? What need are we trying to fill? Are we just needing to believe in fairy-tales? Or, are we on to something much bigger, that many still don’t know about?

Too, why am I spending my present time writing about the faraway Moon when I may be better off vacuuming? Or combing my hair. Or learning how to play the piano like Elton John. Why do we choose to talk or write about the things that we do? Are we even aware, most of the time, of what we are emitting through our speech and communication? Including awareness of the impact of the specific words we choose to use?  Would we maybe be better off communicating with fewer words, or using different words? Too, maybe we should all start whispering, especially those of us with high-pitched, shrill voices. Could be, too, that we should choose total silence, as our preferred state of being, instead of being incessantly steeped in chatter. Spend more time meditating and listening to the supposed wisdom of that still small voice within ourselves. How good a listener are we, anyway? Another weighty thing to ponder about now with the lunar eclipse here in the sign of communication: Our listening skills.

What is especially notable about this powerful eclipse today is that it is square to the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in imaginative Pisces. Jupiter-Uranus can denote flashes of genius and extraordinary insight. It can also make us think way outside of the box. This is because rebel Uranus is an innovator, and often acts as a potent catalyst for change, particularly sudden changes that dramatically alter the playing field. Expander Jupiter generously helps to fuel the Uranian mission. Of course, Uranus also excels in spreading revolution, and or general mayhem.

Interestingly here, too, at the moment that I am writing this blog (Sat. Dec 18), with the politically-minded Sagittarius Sun exactly square to Uranus, as well as to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” bill has just cleared its last procedural hurdle in the Senate, and is now reportedly slated to be voted on the floor of the full Senate on Monday, the eve of this Total Lunar Eclipse.  Uranus is associated with equality, and normally figures prominently into gay rights issues. It could be that the “changing our ideas” Gemini Eclipse Moon (or at least recalibrating our thinking) finally triggers the repeal of DADT. It certainly appears to be looking that way now.

Senator Joe Lieberman, the lead sponsor of the DADT repeal bill, originally presented the bill when Uranus was prominent in the sky. I earlier wrote a blog on this subject. Pisces, too, is the sign that is associated with the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, and minority groups.

Additionally Mental Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is retrograding back into conviction-minded Sagittarius and is again forming a square to Jupiter-Uranus. Extra progressive icing on the holiday Senatorial cake. Of course, not everyone is in agreement about repealing DADT. And, Uranus is also probably reveling in the cacophony of opinion and the clash of philosophical differences. In the end, though, Uranus, the liberator that he is, will probably rest on the side of civil rights.

Historically, this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has correlated with rapid breakthroughs in science and technology as well (Uranus rules these two areas). Neil Armstrong and “Buzz Aldrin” even landed in the Sea of Tranquility and became the first humans to walk the Moon with this aspect. So, there is really no telling where we can rocket to now in our minds, if we choose to, with this spectacular convergence of celestial energies. In the end, it’s all a matter of how we fuel our thoughts. Do we sufficiently fill their tanks? Or do we neglect them, and let them run on empty? Also, we may need to consciously empty our minds now of thoughts and beliefs that we have outgrown, that are only serving to keep a stranglehold on our further understanding and awareness, and keeping us from spectacularly landing and walking on our own personal Moons.

“I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.” Albert Einstein

News Update 12/18: With the Sun in zealous Sagittarius exactly square equality-ruling Uranus (and square expansive Jupiter), and sextile “let’s all peacefully co-exist” Neptune, in humanitarian Aquarius, the U.S.  Senate has historically gone ahead and voted today to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by a vote of 65 to 31.

It appears that the square to sudden-acting, unpredictable Uranus really forced this issue today, something Uranus characteristically does. It forces changes, perhaps even more so now since it is aligned with the over-expander Jupiter, forcing the Senate to take “a giant leap” for the collective.

Too, we still have warrior Mars, ruling the military, in a separating conjunction with the Godfather of Transformation, Pluto, in governmental Capricorn. Mars and Pluto also rule sex, and issues of sexuality.

Also with Mars-Pluto, a new, powerful tax bill was successfully passed this past week, with Pluto additionally ruling taxes. With Pluto, we tend to pare down, and now it looks like with this new tax bill, there will be a big paring down of services that the U.S. government will be offering its citizenry. On the other hand, perhaps the reduction in taxes, will spur economic growth.  That is apparently the hope.

The Senate meanwhile, has now sent the DADT repeal bill to President Obama to sign. Obama  had campaigned on ending the DADT policy, which banned gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military. So we had a very historic day today, especially fascinating, too, from an astrological perspective.  Could be that this Total Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice also bring about more big Uranian changes for the collective, the energies of these two events already starting to crescendo.  The Senate is also suppose to continue with a discussion of START on Monday, another heavyweight issue that could impact the whole planet.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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