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Below is a post that I wrote in March 2010 about John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s wedding horoscope. (They married March 20, 1969). In wake of the 30th anniversary of his death today, I thought I would re-run it. Missing you, John.

“When people get cynical about love, they should look at us [Yoko and John Lennon] and see it is possible.” Yoko Ono.

March 20, 1969 marks the 41st wedding anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  The colorful pair married in front of the Rock of Gibraltar in a ceremony that lasted only ten minutes.  Shortly afterwards, the newlyweds flew to Amsterdam, Holland where they set up quarters in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton.  There, for one week, they had the first of two “bed-ins for peace.”

At the hotel, they had a receiving line for the press, gave interviews, answered questions. Not your typical honeymoon fare activities, but then again, John (Libra) and Yoko (Aquarian) were never your “typical couple.”

In their astrological wedding chart that day (time unknown), insatiable Jupiter was exactly conjoined non-conforming Uranus in Libra. Libra is the zodiacal sign of marriage.  This potent influence suggested that their partnership would always tend to be “out of the ordinary.” Having these two planets prominent, there would characteristically be a large appetite (Jupiter) and enthusiasm for doing things differently, wanting to rebelliously break with tradition (Uranus), within the confines of their marriage (Libra).

The Sun was also opposite (stressful) Jupiter and Uranus in their horoscope, again reiterating a need for freedom and a tendency to excessive behaviors. The Sun-Uranus influence also, unfortunately, hinted at the chance for a sudden end to the marriage, as the nature of Uranus is often disruptive. The Sun also governs the husband in a wedding chart.

Mercury (communication) was in idealistic, imaginative Pisces. That tended to intellectually attune them more to the humanistic issues of the collective.  The  Neptune-ruled Pisces mindset, at its highest expression, is intrinsically about dissolving all boundaries, demonstrating selfless love and compassion for each other, peacefully co-existing. It endlessly envisions the world “as one,” just like John perpetually sang about.

Also in their marriage chart, the Sun (purpose) was exactly trine (harmonious) Neptune, again reinforcing that same hopeful theme.  The Sun-Neptune tie also gave the union more of a mystical, otherworldy quality to it.  Neptune denotes our link to the Divine.

Too, in wake of John’s tragic, sudden departure from the world, Yoko’s marriage to John has maybe, understandably, ended up becoming something “larger than life” for her, something that she has perhaps idealized and placed atop a pedestal.  Characteristically with Neptune, we tend to worship and glorify our partners.  And, of course, in Yoko’s case, she has had to live a life largely minus John’s physical presence.  She maybe has cultivated a rich “spiritual union” with him which would be consistent with the “illusory” Sun Neptune energy. Neptune rules illusion and imagination, as well as the ethereal realms.

Idealistic Mercury in Pisces was also square (inner tension) to opinionated Mars (the warrior) in Sagittarius in the chart.  Mars shows our enthusiasms and passions.  It also represents our aggressive urge. When it is in philosophical Sagittarius, we can become almost fanatical in our beliefs and often feel a deep need to proselytize others to bring them aboard our same wavelength. We can also be very controversial and blunt in our comments, as Mercury governs our speech and Mars in Sagittarius acts very spontaneously.

Additionally, in their wedding chart, Venus, the planet of love and marriage, was in fiery, adventurous Aries conjoined with dutiful Saturn.  Venus-Saturn ties often indicate “karmic relationships” in which we feel a deep sense of responsibility, obligation, and loyalty to each other.  Saturn is regarded as the “Lord of Karma” in astrology. This is because he often brings us those more difficult lessons in life that we need to learn and experience in order to evolve and achieve our higher purposes. During the course of their marriage, too, John and Yoko had plenty of Saturnian ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and even an 18-month separation.  Too, in the beginning, their very union alienated them from the public and many Beatles’ fans.  But despite everything, it managed to endure.

On another level,  the Venus placement in the sign of Aries showed, too, that the couple would tend to enjoy “active pursuits” and “pioneering endeavors” that would garner attention to themselves. Venus not only rules love relationships, it also rules what we love to do.  Aries as a sign focuses much of its attention on its own self-identity and self-discovery.

Actually, Venus in Aries can contain elements of narcissism to it  – making us a little too much enthralled with our own self-image. Of course, when John and Yoko were together, they were both young and still discovering themselves, both individually and as a couple.  And, they were both very famous, so they wanted to naturally capitalize on their fame and use it as a springboard to further their more noble, impersonal causes for the collective.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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