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“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Christopher Morley

Cool day in the cosmos!

Saturn, which has been retrograde since January 13, stations direct today and will gradually start moving forward again. Saturn denotes hard work, responsibility, and all the corresponding structure that we erect in our lives as a result of our various sustained efforts.

Saturn’s forward momentum signals that we now have the green light to move ahead with our goals and dreams.  We may also start seeing some of our previous labors beginning to pay off for us. Saturn likes to reward us for our due diligence and simple day-to-day nose to the grindstone activities.

I thought the Christopher Morley quote for today was also very timely here because so often in life we choose to define our personal success in terms of other people’s definition of success for us. In the process, we tend to lose sight of what is in our heart.

Today, on this Saturn-themed day and also with the Moon in Capricorn, the sign that Saturn rules, it’s a good time to perform a “Saturn reality check and tune-up” and have an authentic dialogue with ourselves to make sure that we are indeed proceeding in the right direction in terms of advancing our soul’s sacred purpose.

If we are not, we should ask ourselves, why not?  What in the heck are we waiting for, more ideal conditions to manifest? We could spend the rest of our lives waiting for that to happen and in the mean time, life is passing us by.  Better to start from the point where we are at and then begin creating the circumstances that we want to see in our lives, don’t you think? Saturn stationing direct here, too, can greatly help to provide us with wisdom from our past experience, as we are capable of seeing things more clearly now and connecting the dots.

In sports:

The Phillies’ Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game yesterday!

When I heard about this, I immediately thought about Uranus, the “genius” planet, and its fresh ingress into Aries, the sign of sports and baseball. Could there be a connection?

Celebrity news:

“Screen rebel” Dennis Hopper died yesterday at the age of 74 after a prolonged illness. I personally will always remember him as the motorcycle riding, pot-smoking character in Easy Rider.  Hopper, however, had a bevy of gifts.  He was not only an actor and director, he was also an accomplished photographer, painter and sculptor.

Dennis Hopper was born 5/17/36.  He fittingly had imaginative Neptune at the very top of his chart near his career house.  Neptune rules all the creative areas that he ended up pursuing with respect to his career. His Taurus Sun also added to his artistic instincts and abilities. When I think of Taurus, too, I think of the great painter Pablo Picasso, who had in his horoscope, four planets conjunct in the sign of Taurus in his career house. Taurus is associated with things of beauty.

Hopper also had rebel Uranus in Taurus in his fifth house of self-expression.  Perhaps that is why he naturally resonated to a more defiant theme. Pioneering and aggressive Mars was also conjunct his Sun reinforcing this same bent and making him adventurous and impulsive as well.

Interestingly, Dennis Hopper’s horoscope is similar to Elvis Presley’s (a Capricorn) horoscope.  Elvis had Neptune at the top of his chart and Uranus in Aries exactly conjunct his fifth house of self-expression. Elvis, of course, revolutionized the music and entertainment industry, especially with his original and defiant onstage performances that were also very sexual (Aries) in nature. Neptune also rules music.

Both Dennis and Elvis additionally had Sagittarius Ascendants, making them very freedom-loving and also accentuating their Uranian need for spontaneous expression.

Neptune, which has to do with drugs, also stressfully squared each of their Ascendants (the Ascendant rules the body). Both had serious issues with drugs, using drugs as a form of escape or coping mechanism. Elvis actually died when the transiting Neptune was exactly conjunct his Ascendant. Drugs were implicated in his death and no doubt hastened his demise.

I am always looking for symbolic connections among the stars and events on earth, as I do feel we are all linked as one.  I did think it was very symbolic that Dennis Hopper died just as Rebellion Guru, Uranus, entered Aries, the sign of new beginnings, as he  personified so much the “do your own thing” Uranus in Aries spirit.

Too, while his life was never an easy ride, he seemed to have really lived an authentic life, one that was true to his soul’s purpose.  So, in that respect, he died a great success, don’t you think?

May you rest in peace, Dennis Hopper.

Enjoy your Sunday. Follow your heart. Live your dream.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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