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The nation’s first offshore wind farm project, off the coast of Cape Cod, got the go ahead Wednesday (Scorpio Full Moon Day) after nine years of regulatory review. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar approved the highly contested “Cape Wind” project saying it ushered in an era of clean energy in the U.S.

The project’s developer, Cape Wind Associates, says it plans to build 130 turbines about five miles off the Cape Cod coast by the end of the year.  The $1 billion project, which will cover 24 square miles, is expected to be challenged legally by those parties opposed to the construction.

Generally, a wind farm is viewed as a way to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity.

However, local Cape Cod residents have opposed this particular project citing, among other things, that it would interfere with tourism and boating and obstruct coastal views.

Uranus rules technological and scientific advancements and it is presently in the sign of Pisces which rules both the sea and oil.  So, the offshore wind farm would be depicted by Uranus in Pisces.

Saturn in Virgo would be representative of the residents who want to preserve the pristine (Virgo) coast as it is.

With Saturn opposite Uranus we always have a tug of war between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus).  Oppositions denote turning points.

Of course, we have Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury retrograde, so who knows if this project will even get off the ground as slated.  There will likely be reversals, delays. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the Saturn opposite Uranus aspect playing out in real life, isn’t it?

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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