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“No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic.” Ann Landers, Advice Columnist.

The Moon enters pristine Virgo at 6:57 am EDT.  A perfect day for spring-cleaning,  decluttering, working on projects that require concentration, like weeding and pruning. The logical, more left-brain, Virgo Moon enhances our analytical ability so we’re better able to evaluate any weaknesses in our Aries futuristic plans, as well as identify solutions to our problems. This is a very health-conscious placement for the Moon. It’s a great time to initiate any self-improvement agenda.

“When a man imagines, even after years of striving, that he has attained perfection, his decline begins.” Theodore Martin.

Famous Aries persons born on this day: Actress Kerri Ann Darling, Singer Mariah Carey, Actress Jennifer Grey, Rocker/Actor Shaun Cassidy.

Memorable event in history on this date: March 27, 1930 – The first radio broadcast from a ship at sea took place.

In astrology, the planet Uranus (which governs inventions) rules radio broadcasting. On that particular date, Uranus was at 11 degrees of Aries (a sign associated with firsts). Uranus was exactly sextile (harmonious) to expansive Jupiter at 11 degrees of Gemini. Gemini governs communication and Jupiter is associated with growth, burgeoning opportunities, so we had a perfect milieu for broadening out the realm of radio communication.  Also, to put the finishing touch on the cosmic equation that day: The Moon was in the sign of Pisces. Pisces rules the sea!

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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