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“Treat your relationship as if you are growing the most beautiful sacred flower. Keep watering it, tend to the roots, and always make sure the petals are full of color and are never curling. Once you neglect your plant, it will die, as will your relationship.” Suzy Kassem

Venus in Aries Sextiles Saturn in Aquarius (11:47 am) – We’re adopting more of a long-term outlook regarding our relationships, finances, and values. Favors making hefty deposits into our friendship accounts. Positive for solidifying valued connections. There’s also more of a willingness or ability to work patiently on projects that tap into our desires.

The Waning Moon, still in its Full Stage, also entered investigative Scorpio, early this morning (1:34 am). Ideally, this helps to facilitate a keener awareness of the workings of the world. We also tend to be more guarded or circumspect with our emotions now.

(Speaking of the Moon, in the Wall Street Journal today there is an interesting article entitled, “How a Supermoon Helped Free the Giant Container Ship (the Ever Given) From the Suez Canal.” It mentions how the “stronger tidal effect made it easier to partially float the Ever Given but also gave engineers a hard deadline.)

Numerologically, March 30, 2021, is a “2” and “3” day. A plus for social interactions and creative problem-solving. Favors mediation and cooperative ventures. A strong feminine vibe to the day!

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On This Day in History: On March 30, 1870, the 15th Amendment to the US constitution is adopted, guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of race.

Astrologically, that day, wounded healer Chiron, action-oriented Mars, and the empowering Sun were all conjunct in pioneering Aries, with Mars (the ruler of Aries) exactly conjunct the Sun-Chiron midpoint. Philosophical Jupiter was also conjunct transformative Pluto, in anchoring Taurus, suggesting strong convictions coupled with an intense desire to make changes or improvements.

Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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