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With the waxing Moon, in commanding Leo, trining the enterprising Aries Sun (3:29 pm) there’s more of an innate desire to want to move forward in some perceived “consequential way” today. Ideally, this energetic, fire sign alignment can also inspire or encourage us to act with greater amounts of courage or self-confidence.

Of course, intellectual Mercury’s annual conjunction with foggy Neptune (9:15 pm) is also likely to blur, or at least obscure, a portion of the path that is directly before us now, so we will probably need to just safely assume that some of what we undertake, at the moment, will also possibly need to be retooled or recalibrated later, when more information is known or made available.

We may also want to be a bit on the skeptical side if something we hear, see, or read seems “too good to be true” as Neptune’s ray can, on the shadow side, be very deceptive, vague, or misleading. On the plus side, Mercury-Neptune can be excellent for more creative or imaginative pursuits. It can also increase our sensitivity or compassion for others as well as raise our level of intuitive awareness.

(Interestingly, Neptune also rules oil, and President Trump is meeting with big oil executives, this afternoon, at the White House to discuss the historic slump in oil prices. Yesterday, President Trump told CNBC “Saudi Arabia and Russia may soon announce a big production cut,” which led to the biggest one-day jump in West Texas Intermediate oil futures ever. – From CNBC.com)

Social Venus also enters breezy Gemini, this afternoon (1:11 pm), where it will remain until August 7th (due to an upcoming retrograde cycle). While Venus in Mercury-ruled Gemini is more emotionally-detached, she is also highly curious, and friendly, and thoroughly enjoys communicating, learning, and discussing or sharing ideas. Hopefully, Venus in Gemini will also be a boon or good match for all the online classes or homeschooling, occurring now, in the wake of the recent, temporary closures of many physical schools due to the COVID-19 virus.

Tarot Card For The Day: The Justice Card, which suggests that this is, perhaps, a good day for reflecting upon how our past actions may have brought us to the place where we are now. Overall, this card represents karma, fairness, and balance. In some cases, it can also denote the need for taking legal action.

Numerology for April 3, 2020: The number three (ruled by Jupiter) is associated with expansion, optimism, and social interaction.  It also confers a special ability to creatively weave different threads (or factions) into one composite whole. On the shadow side, there can be more of a need for adulation or control.

“I used to think that prizes were damaging and divisive until I got one. And now they seem sort of meaningful and real.” Bill Nighy

Hope it’s a good one!

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