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Today, guys, we may want to make sure that our highly fashionable “thinking caps” are firmly planted on our pointy, little, egg-shaped heads, from the get-go, as we’re more than likely to be visited by an “invasion of brilliance” that will be hovering around us for only a very finite period of time now; at best, for just a few days.

It may also be very prudent now, too, if we really try not to sneeze or sigh too heavily – for fear of chasing away these rare, sensitive, whatchamacallit “invisible entities” who are, no doubt, trying to cleverly zoom in on us from above. Impinge upon our delicate, impressionable psyches. Lasso us in with their exacting precision, so as to bestow upon us a seeming bevy of “higher offerings,” presumably from the hierarchy or top-dogs of the “galactic think tank,” located somewhere sketchy, but definitely in the vicinity of the Great Beyond! 🙂

Seriously, expansive Jupiter trining innovative Uranus (2:01 pm), has a legacy of coinciding with flashes of brilliance, breakthrough understandings, colossal perspective shifts. This is excellent, electrifying energy for reconfiguring or re-arranging the ever cryptic puzzle pieces of our remarkable lives so as to potentially allow for more personal freedom and authenticity of self-expression. Ideally enabling us to more fully, and more unabashedly, “do our own thing!”

Exciting advances, movements, shifts may also be occurring now, correspondingly, in the collective at large (which is also ruled by Uranus) that helps to thrust all of us forward, as a people, into a better, brighter tomorrow. For instance, When Jupiter and Uranus were exactly conjunct in Libra on July 20, 1969, is when we had the first manned space mission landing on the Moon (Apollo 11)!

Both Jupiter and Uranus are very futuristic in nature. Jupiter, governing our beliefs, our understanding, our higher vision is always wanting to include more of the wondrous world into its grand orbit. Uranus, with its own quirky, peculiar motion in outer space, relishes its role as being the odd planet (odd person) out. It also represents change itself or defying the status quo (Saturn).

Uranus also symbolizes individuality, intuition, elements of genius, and the tech industry. Jupiter and Uranus paired up ideally provide us with a promising chance to grow our world, as possibly never before, in ways we may have never even imagined, until now.

What’s also nice is that transiting Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus RX in Taurus are both in practical earth signs, so we’re dealing with more solid, grounded energy that can generate tangible longlasting results in the real world. Now is a time to plant important seeds that will gradually grow, over time (Jupiter in Capricorn), into a bountiful harvest (hope springs eternal here)! Even taking small actions now can have very positive consequences for us, down the road, if we but keep tilling the soil.

We also want to, of course, take note of where we have these two planets moving through our personal charts (in what houses), as those are the specific areas of our life that are poised for cutting-edge, expansive developments or growth. Where we also need to do our part and enlist “out-of-the-box” thinking and strategies. Deliberately doing things up differently than before, as the old methods just won’t cut it anymore. New inspiration is what’s needed or required of us now.

Today’s trine is also the first time that Uranus in Taurus has been aspected by a major planet since it ingressed into Taurus, back in mid-May of 2018. So we may also be getting a real flavor or inkling now of what Uranus means for us, both individually and collectively, in the sign of the bull. How it is, perhaps, impacting, possibly shaking up, our money-consciousness, our values, our habits, our sense of stewardship of our own personal resources as well as the resources of Mother Earth. Again, the focus here, with all of these things, is on innovation, or on improving upon what has come before.

“The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar… Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen.” Aldous Huxley

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Born On This Day: American comedian Tim Conway, in 1933.

Conway, who died in May of this year, once quipped: “I spend a lot of time thinking of the Hereafter – each time I enter a room I wonder what I’m here after.” 

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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