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It’s moving day, today! 🙂

Jupiter, symbolizing the urge for growth or expansion, optimism, and our higher beliefs, exits enthusiastic, visionary Sagittarius (the sign that it rules) and moves into more serious, Saturn-ruled Capricorn (1:20 pm), the sign of the “traditional” or “tried-and-true,” where it will reside until December of next year.

Ideally, Jupiter in earthy, mature Capricorn (the sign of career, reputation, and status) will help us to grow in 2020 by showing us myriad ways to better manage, conserve, or recycle our resources. The keywords for Capricorn are “I Use” – and there’s a distinctly utilitarian flair or approach to this sign.

Jupiter in Saturn’s “restricted” space may also make us more aware of the “power of focus” as a way of realizing our dreams. Again, this plays into the whole idea or philosophy of setting a reasonable limit or boundary (Saturn) on what we hope to accomplish or achieve (Jupiter) so we don’t get too overwhelmed or ahead of ourselves.

Too, often when we make the actual overtures of turning a dream or two into reality we soon realize that it’s usually much harder than we first thought it would be. Which is also another good reason to take small baby steps, in the beginning.

On another level, Jupiter’s passage through Capricorn may also be positive for “organizing-type” businesses and for businesses, studies, or research related to aging. Also, Jupiter here may possibly be more advantageous for conservation efforts regarding the environment. (On a collective level, Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn today is also coinciding with the start of a two-week United Nations Conference on climate change in Madrid, Spain.)

Jupiter in Capricorn may also bring some advancements or improvements in the agriculture industry, which falls under Capricorn’s domain. (Saturn, the planet, was named after the Roman God of Agriculture.)

Numerologically, it’s a “2” day, representing union, and the Divine Feminine. “Two” days are normally positive for seeking out cooperation or integrating opposing energies.

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Born on This Day: Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace (d. 1997).

I try to contrast; life today is full of contrast… We have to change. Gianni Versace

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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