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“We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.” David Bottoms

With a New Moon taking place in non-conforming Aquarius this afternoon (4:04pm), we now have, it would seem, the official go-ahead from the cosmos to boldly depart from our ordinary, prosaic, daily orbital routines, and rocket ourselves in a brand new direction! That is, if we choose to do so, of course! Probably, too, since we’re dealing with more bohemian, eccentric, oddball type of Aquarian energy here, the more obscure the destination that we choose to wobble off to in space, the better! 🙂 Too, I’m almost certain that there’s gotta be a provision in our monthly lunar assignment somewhere that allows us to circle home for a few, each night, so we can watch TV, or maybe walk the dog.

Interestingly, Uranus, the modern day ruler of Aquarius, actually has a very funky orbit around the Sun. Unlike the other planets of the solar system, Uranus is tilted so far that it basically orbits the Sun on its side, with the axis of its spin nearly pointing at the star. While it’s uncertain why Uranus has such a weird orientation, some theorize it’s because Uranus may have collided with another planet, or other smaller objects, shortly after it was formed.

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On This Day in History: On February 4, 2004 Mark Zuckerberg (b. 5/14/84)  launches Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room. In the sky that day, pioneering Mars had just shifted into Taurus, and was sextiling technology ruling Uranus in the sign of Pisces. The empowering Sun was also in innovative Aquarius and separating, by one degree, from its annual conjunction with visionary Neptune, the ruler of our imagination. Sun-Neptune is always potentially a time when we can more deftly envision or empower our dreams.

In Zuckerberg’s personal horoscope he also had, among other things, transiting Mars in Taurus exactly opposite his Pluto in Scorpio. Mars-Pluto aspects, in general, can supply us with tremendous determination, willpower, and focus to go after what we want. This is also one of the strongest planetary aspects for transforming the world around us.

Patrice Thompson

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