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“Never judge yourself so harshly that you never arise from the ashes of life.” Shawntel Jefferson


The ”illuminating” Sun sextiles “renewing” Pluto, today. An aspect that can help us to “reclaim our power.” Also, this energy is excellent for fixing what’s broken or for taking corrective measures. I’m personally excited about this influence because my car has been under recall for a faulty ignition switch and finally, after months of waiting, I have an appointment with the dealership to get it repaired. Too, when we have a situation that is in need of correction, yet a fix isn’t made in a timely manner, the problematic circumstance or condition can often end up being a slow, subtle drain on our life force, and, sometimes, we may not even be consciously aware of this leakage, until later on, when the matter has been resolved and we then feel a sudden surge in our energy level. Sun-Pluto is also very good for “waking us up” to what’s going on, in the deeper regions of our psyche.

Venus also trines Chiron and quinqunxes Uranus. Our empathy for others’ struggles may increase (Chiron), while, at the same time, we may be craving more freedom or excitement (Uranus) in our relationships or social life.

The Moon also leaves “retiring” Pisces, around midday (1:53 pm EST), and shifts into “pioneering” Aries. Always a time of the month when we’re ready to take action on our desires. “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” Mahatma Gandhi

Question for Today: What is one small step that you can take, today, that will create long-term positive consequences?

In the News: New York’s “One World Trade Center” re-opens for business, 13 years after the original towers were destroyed in the September 11 attacks (BBC.com).

Famous November 3 Birthdays: Charles Bronson, Roseanne Barr, Dennis Miller, Elizabeth Smart, Larry Holmes.

“I’m not going to vacuum ’til Sears makes one you can ride on.” Roseanne Barr 🙂

Enjoy your Monday! Hope it’s a great week for you.

Patrice Thompson

Galaxy Nebula

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