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“If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want.” Ashok Kallarakkal


Yesterday, we had the New Moon in Libra, giving us a chance to reset things on the relationship front. Today, the Moon continues in “relational” Libra and it is joined by a dynamic fire trine from “expansive” Jupiter in Leo to “innovative” Uranus in Aries (2:19 pm EDT). This 120-degree trine aspect is the first of three official meet-ups between Jupiter and Uranus that will be concluding in June of next year, as Jupiter soon begins to move retrograde, back through Leo. The present Jupiter-Uranus influence will continue to be felt, for the next few days.

Whenever Jupiter and Uranus align there’s always the bright prospect that nearly anything is possible, as “optimistic” Jupiter, governing our beliefs and personal philosophy, enlarges whatever it touches, and when it’s aligned with “out of the box” thinker Uranus, the planet of change, technology, genius, and intuition, we will often experience or witness sudden breakthroughs in consciousness, that serve to upend or supplant our limited belief systems and fears. Also, events can occur, both individually and collectively, that end up radically changing or altering our way of life, along with our views or ideas of what’s possible for us to achieve, as a people.

For example, when the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed the first humans – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – on the Moon, on July 20, 1969, Jupiter and Uranus were exactly conjunct at 0 degrees of Libra! Neil Armstrong would later become the first person to step on the Moon, a few hours later, on July 21 – an electrifying and memorable experience for everyone watching it on their TV. Mars also happened to be in the long-distance travel sign of Sagittarius then, where it is today. Too, for those of us who were alive, back then, the Moon landing was not only a spectacular breakthrough in space travel – it was also a huge game-changer in our overall perceptions of “outer space,” as a realistic, doable new frontier for humans to gallantly explore.

Also, when entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs was born, Jupiter and Uranus were in a close conjunction in the sign of Cancer. In retrospect, a potent marker in the development of the new “information age,” with the internet also poised to become yet another great frontier for curious earthlings to investigate. Many, of course, regard Steve Jobs as the greatest inventor of our age – with “inventing” a Uranus-ruled profession. He is reportedly listed on Google Patents as the primary or co-inventor of over 240 patents – perhaps a testament, also, to the “prolific” nature of Jupiter’s influence here. The following quote by Steve Jobs also seems to really sum up the potential “paradigm-shifting” sentiment of the present “Jupiter-Uranus” energy: “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”

On a practical level, Jupiter-Uranus is excellent, creative energy for helping us to break out of our ruts, with the idea of change (Uranus), seeming far less daunting to us now. We are also potentially more willing and receptive to imagining and crafting new possibilities (Jupiter) for ourselves. Also, fresh, new intuitive (Uranus) insights can inspire us to make great big leaps of faith (Jupiter) forward now. American surgeon and author of Psycho-Cybernetics (1960), Maxwell Maltz, once observed that “moving forward” is a way for all us to consolidate or strengthen our lives. He said, “Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward.”

Question for Today: Where in your life do you really need a “breakthrough” – and how might that breakthrough “turn your life around?”

Famous September 25 Birthdays: Will Smith, Christopher Reeve, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Barbara Walters, William Faulkner

“Either you choose to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out into the ocean.” Christopher Reeve

Enjoy your Thursday! Don’t be afraid to dive in deep! 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Magic Hour Sky

Copyright 2014

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