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“The man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.” Charles Schwab


Depending on where you live, this is the Sun’s last full day in “authoritative” Leo the Lion, the sign that it rules. Tomorrow, it will be entering “service-oriented” Virgo (12:46 am EDT).

With the Sun symbolizing our ego and personal sense of power, now that it’s exiting Leo, this may be a good day for us to reflect upon how we have been using our power to achieve our own ends. Has what we’ve been doing been working for us? Are we pleased with the results that we have been getting? If not, how might we shift things around so things work out more in our favor?

Too, sometimes when a planet is at 29 degrees, the Anaretic Degree, which is also known as the Karmic Degree, we feel more of a sense of urgency to express the particular energies of that planet – especially if we have had a struggle expressing these energies in the past. It’s kind of like making “one last stand.” So with the Sun at 29 Leo, this could possibly translate into our having more of an acute need now to demonstrate our personal power in the world, to weave our sphere of influence. Too, it could be that our ego (Sun) has a burning desire for more outward recognition (Leo).

“If you start today to do the right thing, you are already a success even if it doesn’t show yet.” John Maxwell

Question for Today: When you are feeling a deep sense of your own power, what are you doing?

Famous August 22 Birthdays: Valerie Harper, Cindy Williams, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, Norman Schwarzkopf.

“When placed in command, take charge.” Norman Schwarzkopf.

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson


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