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“I am learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.” Eartha Kitt

It’s likely that we will also want to feed our heads and expand our perceptions and experiences today as intellectual Mercury conjuncts the brilliant Sun in inquiring, curious Gemini. Mercury is also sextile Uranus which helps to foster more original insights. Mercury-Uranus is a very inventive influence. It’s very good for brainstorming and tending to old problems in new ways. Our intuitive capacities may also be sharpened with this aspect. We may additionally hear things today that have the impact of helping to radically shift our perspective. This is an excellent day to learn new technology. Or to read about or discuss science and innovation.

The uninhibited Leo Moon’s sextile to sweet Venus (9:57 EDT) also adds a delightful and pleasurable quality to the morning. Very good for socializing, bonding, and artistic expression.

The Moon’s sextile to wise Saturn (2:07 pm EDT) is excellent for conferring with those persons who may serve as a mentor or teacher for us. “I was lucky that I met the right mentors and teachers at the moment.” James Levine

Famous Birthdays May 27: Henry Kissinger, Todd Bridges

Where do you think your real genius lies?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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