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Our emotional outlook may be more serious, the first half of the day, with the sensitive Cancer Moon’s square to authoritative Saturn, in balancing Libra (11:06 am EST), an aspect in which we often face accountability for our actions. Since Moon-Saturn sometimes has a more limiting or inhibiting affect upon us, due to the narrowing vibration of Saturn, we may want to perhaps work on our breathing techniques with this influence. Or, use positive visualization as a way of helping us to stay fully centered and relaxed in the moment.

Later, the Moon’s entrance into proud, bold Leo the Lion (4:49 pm EST) sets the stage for us to really come alive and roar with creativity. Included here may be a tendency for some “over the top” behavior, as the Moon squares boastful Jupiter (5:57 pm EST) and also trines spontaneous, original Uranus (6:00 pm EST). Too, lovable Venus is making a favorable semi-sextile to the warming, life-giving Sun this afternoon (4:56 pm EST) encouraging us to make some heart-felt connections.

Finally, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, is stationing direct at three degrees of inspired Sagittarius (8:43 pm EST) after a three-week retrograde period. This gives us the green light to start proceeding with our plans and ideas again after we have, hopefully, used the last twenty-one days for some pause and reflection. However, we will want to wait a couple days to allow Mercury to pick up some speed. (Mercury will be out of its shadow period on January 1, the degree that it originally assumed retrograde motion.) Too, we will want to pay attention to the house in our charts that Mercury is stationing direct in as that is the specific area of life in which we may see some forward momentum now.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney

Today’s Affirmation:  I am at peace with my past and eager to journey onward.

What are you excited about today?

Patrice Thompson

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