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The National Basketball Association and its players have reportedly reached a tentative deal to end the 148-day lockout, according to the NYT.com, which is also reporting that the deal was agreed to on Black Friday, the same day as the partial solar eclipse at 2 degrees 37 minutes of Sagittarius. (Other news outlets are reporting the deal was reached early Saturday morning.) The NBA reportedly plans to start the season on Christmas Day and play a 66-game schedule. (Wonder if this agreement may be modified, though, later, in wake of Mercury being retrograde? Too, the deal still has to be approved by both the owners and players. Mercury rules agreements and negotiations.)

As I mentioned earlier in my Eclipse blog, this lunation in Sagittarius formed a positive, flowing trine to change-agent Uranus, in “new beginnings” Aries, suggesting more of a desire, both individually and collectively, to want to break with the past and move forward. Potentially, also boding well for ending difficult stalemates or impasses. Uranus also has a legacy with bringing about sudden breakthroughs in our stream of consciousness. Aries is also the sign that rules sports, while Sagittarius rules legal matters. The tentative NBA deal was reportedly agreed to at a Midtown Manhattan law office.

Too, New Moons, by their very nature, tend to coincide with fresh starts, while eclipses often bring about sudden endings.

Interestingly, this eclipse was also squared by energizing Mars in Virgo, the sign of labor, which perhaps helped to provide extra impetus to take sudden action to end this NBA labor dispute. Mars tends to give matters momentum. The eclipse also formed a quinqunx aspect to expansive Jupiter in financial Taurus, denoting the huge financial aspect at stake here for the NBA owners and players. The NBA reportedly generates $4 billion annually in revenues. No paltry sum by any stretch of the imagination.

Do you plan on watching any of the NBA games, when they start back up?  BTW, how did you fare with yesterday’s eclipse? Score any “slam dunks” with it? If not, don’t despair. There’s still some time. The eclipse point or degree stays activated for up to six months in our personal charts, although we usually feel some kind of “pop” from it, a few days on either side of the event.

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