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The Moon’s monthly shift into organizing and purifying Virgo (10:42 am EDT) is our merry little cue to put more order and cleanliness in our lives. Refurbishing or renovating projects are also encouraged with the Virgo Moon’s magical trine to transforming Pluto (7:28 pm EDT) in goal-oriented Capricorn. Moon-Pluto is potentially very healing energy as well. Also, it is outstanding for arriving at sudden, emotional breakthroughs, partly because Pluto aligns us with our subconscious side. Later, the Moon’s harmonious trine to expansive Jupiter, in self-indulgent Taurus (8:56 pm EDT), gives us a green light to engage in all manner of self-pampering. This influence can also help to put us in a more jovial, lighthearted mood.

One possible storm cloud on the horizon today: Lovable Venus in passionate Scorpio is forming a 135-degree linkup with free-spirited Uranus in spontaneous Aries. Venus-Uranus often equates with our wanting to do our own thing, regardless of the costs. Of course, engaging in that type of behavior always carries corresponding risks. This influence can also incline us to seek out more unusual recreational or social outlets, perhaps as a sure flight from boredom.

What do you like to do to when you are bored?

Elvis‘ early music has drama because as he sang he was escaping limits.” Greil Marcus

Famous People with Moon in Virgo: John Travolta, Richard Burton, Shirley Maclaine, Betty White.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

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