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A convergence of “roguish activity” above us today: Mental Mercury semisquares hotheaded Mars; Mars quinqunxes psychedelic Neptune; lovable Venus opposes wacky, erratic Uranus; and the empowering Sun sesquiquadrates extravagant, boastful Jupiter. Perhaps it’s a good thing that the maternal Moon is still luxuriating through silk pajama Taurus, as it may help to mellow us out, or at least benevolently shield us from some of these maverick forces now on the prowl.

While we are encouraged to seek out more fun and stimulation in our social lives today (Venus-Uranus), we may want to keep an eye on our intimate encounters and make sure that we are not “rocking the boat” too much by insisting on “doing our own thing,” regardless of the consequences.  Venus-Uranus can have us craving emotional excitement and freedom at all cost. We can also suddenly get bored with our partners and or be attracted to persons who are very different from us, especially those who would be described as more non-conforming types or outright rebels.

Too, we may want to rein in our spending and not go overboard with impulsive purchases today, particularly buying outlandish items, as Venus also governs money and aligned with oddball Uranus, our tastes could be pretty whimsical and wild. The Sun-Jupiter aspect can also dubiously inspire intemperate or wasteful behavior. Additionally, the Mars-Neptune “escapist influence” is lurking in the shadows, ready, willing and able to magically transport us into “la la land,” along with spaced-out Alice and her slew of white, Haight Ashbury rabbits, if we’re not careful. Such a complex day! 🙂

“Drugs are marvelous if you want to escape, but reality is so rich, why escape?” Geraldine Chaplin

Famous Birthday September 17th: Elvira, “Mistress of the Dark,” turns 60! Fascinatingly, in her birthchart, she has sexy Mars in theatrical Leo in her tenth house of career dramatically conjuncting mysterious Pluto. This influence, no doubt, gives her amazing ability to wistfully maneuver through cavernous realms. Both Mars and Pluto are also aligned with fantasy Neptune in Libra in her 12th house of hidden resources. Neptune rules photography and television.

Alluring Neptune is also near her beauty-loving Libra Ascendant (the Ascendant governs our physical appearance), helping to make her photogenic and very hypnotic. No wonder it is so easy to go under her spell! My late husband was crazy about Elvira. Always harbored a little bit of jealousy about it. 🙂 Of course, I’m over it now. Hope it’s a good one, Elvira!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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