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Cultivating patience helps to preserve our equilibrium this morning, in face of the restless, Aries Moon’s square to impulsive Mars, its planetary ruler, in protective Cancer (11:07 am EDT). This more challenging aspect can also trigger defensive posturing, particularly if we are feeling threatened by uncertain elements in our environment.

Cosmic forces should become easier to subdue once the Aries Moon sextiles serene Neptune in humanistic Aquarius (1:10 pm EDT), an invitation to demonstrate our caring and compassion. The Moon’s entrance into grounded Taurus (3:25 pm EDT) also helps to steady our emotions and tips the scale in favor of pleasurable pursuits as a rejuvenating uplift.

“Pleasure is the Divine seasoning in the diet of life.” Lewis F. Korns

Famous Persons with Moon square Mars: Tina Turner, Marlon Brando, Charles Bronson, Nicolas Cage, Tom Brokaw

NEWS UPDATE: With the Moon at the very end of “Warrior” Aries and sextile idealistic Neptune, President Obama today awarded the Medal of Honor, our country’s highest military honor, to Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer for his heroic actions in Afghanistan back in September of 2009. Aries is the zodiacal sign governing soldiers and the military. Moon-Neptune also tends to denote “selfless” behavior for the good of others. Very fitting energy for bestowing such a rare and noble honor upon a very brave soldier.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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