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“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.” Donald Trump

With the emotional Moon in glamorous, “larger than life” Leo today and five planets in enthusiastic, “originating” Aries, we have a total of six planets in the active fire element now, which is a lot of “inspiring” energy at our disposal.  Mental Mercury (retrograde), governing our thoughts and ideas, is also still in a two-degree conjunction with expansive Jupiter, which again encourages us to “think big.”

The  proud, creative Leo Moon is also making positive, dynamic aspects to both the Sun (spirit) and Jupiter (growth) in Aries. So this is definitely a day when we have cosmic clearance to go at things “full throttle.” (Of course, we may also need to do some “revising,” later, with Mercury still retrograde.)

BTW, billionaire Donald Trump, quoted above (b. 6/14/46), has a 29 degree, “authoritative, take-charge” Leo Rising or Ascendant (the Asc. is how others view us and it also governs physical appearance and Donald, of course, has the “big” Leo hair). Donald’s energizing Mars at 26 degrees Leo powerfully conjuncts his Rising. Mars in Leo on the Ascendant is a very strong “executive” placement. Mars, ruling the aggressive urge, is also the natural ruler of  Aries, so we see a real “Aries flavor” to Donald even though he does not have any planets in Aries. The “‘Martian” Aries-type energy, too, is very conquest-oriented and driven (again this is the kind of energy that we currently have beaming impacting us with the lineup in Aries).

The Leo rising also helps to endow Donald with great self-confidence and a deep sense of his own power (Leo i.e. “lion of the jungle”). Too, his chart reveals a tendency to be a big thinker, by nature, with “gargantuan” Jupiter conjunct his third house of the mind in intellectual Libra (also this placement makes him love beautiful things). This 3rd house placement of Jupiter is also similar is nature to the “Mercury conjunct Jupiter” aspect that we currently have today.

Donald’s Jupiter is also harmoniously trined to both his Sun and Uranus, which are conjunct in versatile Gemini in his career house, which makes him more entrepreneurial, promotion-minded (esp. in sales-oriented Gemini), as well as highly original, particularly with respect to his professional pursuits. The Sun-Uranus aspect can also give him a predilection to side with the underdog at times. He is also not afraid to defy convention (Uranus) in his quest to live authentically (Charlie Sheen also has Sun conjunct Uranus). Sun-Uranus may also incline him (and Charlie) to be more unpredictable at times. The last thing, too, that Sun-Uranus wants to be is “homogenized.” Additionally, Donald’s Moon is in visionary, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (like Oprah Winfrey).

Of course, the big question regarding Donald Trump now, is whether he is going to run for U.S. President? While astrology is not fortune-telling and it doesn’t predict the future, curiously, Jupiter, the planet of politics, will be in his 10th house of career in 2012. He also has reportedly said that he would decide the matter, this June, his birthday month, a time when pioneering Mars will be entering his career house (it enters it mid-June). Mars through the tenth house can be a highly ambitious time, and a time for “new professional starts.” The plot thickens!

Would you vote for Donald Trump for President? Yes? No? What about if he got a different-style haircut? Did away with that big Leo hair? Would that affect your decision any? 🙂 I personally like Donald because he is different and charismatic. His Mars is also exactly conjunct my 26 degree Moon in Leo, so emotionally he tends to energize me. My late husband’s Mars was, ironically, the same degree as Donald’s. But unfortunately for me he didn’t have Donald’s kind of money. (: Although, my husband did have me, so I guess he was “wealthy” in some respects. 🙂

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Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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