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“Reality continues to ruin my life.” Bill Watterson

Cosmic Weather:

“As if we didn’t have enough to worry about already today, with holiday gift returns and all. Now we have to add scary “boogeyman” Pluto, ruler of the underworld, to the picture, via the Sun’s conjunction to it in skeletal Capricorn.

What’s worse: The Pluto boogeyman may be holed up inside of us! Making him that much harder to eradicate, as he knows the location of our subterranean crawl spaces and can pull all of our scary strings.

With Sun-Pluto, we tend to look on the “dark side of things” and harbor suspicions. This energy often arouses our deepest fears, the ones that we have dutifully submerged over time. Pluto symbolizes what is buried deep within our “psychological caves.”

Sometimes, too, our suspicions are justified, as “master detective,” Pluto Cousteau, can bring clandestine activities into the light of day. Foreboding secrets are suddenly revealed, including the biggest of all: Evil revelations concerning our true weight! (Let’s really hope and pray that we can manage to keep that fat cat in the bag a while longer. :))

Too, there could also be real boogeymen lurking around outside of us! And chances are good that some of them may be sporting fashionable trench coats, bought on clearance from Kohl’s, and donning thick dark shades, and speaking with a whisper into walkie talkies. Yes, Sun-Pluto tends to bring out all the real-life spies (Pluto rules covert operations and hidden forces).

And here we thought with the tidy Virgo Moon, that we would be able to fit in relaxing bouts of vacuuming today. Instead, we have to grapple with seedy human affairs, and tortuous intrepidation and intrigue.  Go figure.

On the plus side, Sun-Pluto can be “enlightening” and “transforming.” It governs purging and elimination. But, can we stand the truth of the scale?  That’s the million-dollar question.

Questions to perhaps ask ourselves today: 1) What makes us afraid, and why? 2) Other than our weight, what are we most afraid of others finding out about us? 3) How have we conquered our fears in the past? Can we employ a similar type strategy today? 4) Along the same lines, what can we purge or eliminate from our lives now to feel better, more empowered about ourselves? 5) What do we obsess over, and why? (Pluto rules obsessive, compulsive behavior. Good time for psychotherapy, studying about psychology.)

“The key to change, is to let go of fear.” Rosanne Cash

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” William Shakespeare.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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