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There’s an exciting New Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius occurring on December 5, 2010 (12:37 pm EST). Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is associated with roaming and exploring, communing in the great outdoors, long-distance travel, foreign cultures, philosophy, and religion. Areas and activities that are often mainstay components of “stretching” or “growing” ourselves beyond our customary borders.

Sagittarius energy is characteristically upbeat and positive. So this New Moon in Sag, with new Moons signifying “new beginnings,” may seem like a  breath of fresh air for us.

This could very well be a time when our aspirations, and hopes and dreams, all get ramped up a few notches because we’re feeling more optimistic and enthused.  The, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it” mentality.

Also, our prospects for success with our dreams, are also brighter, because the New Moon forms a harmonious sextile to achievement Saturn in relationship-ruling Libra. An aspect which also may bode well for ushering in a more stabilizing romantic situation for some of us over the next two weeks (could even be with someone from our “Saturnian” past, or someone older).

Saturn’s “positive vibe” has a knack for helping us rope in our wishes and fantasies, and making them take shape by instilling within us an attitude of commitment, determination, and dedication to hard work. Saturn rules worldly success and status, and combined with the “can-do spirit” of Sagittarius, we are primed to “go for the gold.”

Also, this New Moon in Sag forms a quintile to spiritual Neptune, making this a positive time for meditation and more mystical pursuits.

New Moon in Sagittarius activities: Athletics (including horse riding, polo, archery); travel, especially to foreign lands; developing cross-cultural relationships; learning new languages; studying philosophy, religion; creating goal-oriented vision boards; writing; publishing; teaching; preaching; enrolling in new classes; professional speaking; speech-writing; involvement in politics; advertising and self-promotion; developing sales and marketing strategies.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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