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“When you compare the sorrows of real-life to the pleasures of the imaginary one, you will never want to live again, only to dream forever.” Alexandre Dumas

Today has undertones of being at a Grand Masquerade Ball, in some ways, as social, romantic Venus (soon-to-be-retrograde) forms a waxing square to fantasy Neptune (11:52 pm). This more daydreamy aspect can, among other things, sometimes make it more challenging to see other people as they are partly because we seem to have more of a real need or desire now to want to place halos above nearly everybody’s head. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and it’s associated with Divine Love or unconditional love or a boundary-less type of love that many of us may wish to sincerely experience in our hearts. This is why we can potentially be so vulnerable now: It’s like we don’t want that sacred veil to be pierced, at the moment, and then possibly face the chance of being starkly disillusioned by the underlying, harsher reality. Accordingly, any relationships, especially romantic ones, that begin under this aspect would most likely benefit from giving them a period of time to gel so we can see how they play out over the long haul. 

Because Venus also governs money, possessions, and how we derive pleasure, in general, we may also want to refrain from going overboard with things, particularly acquisitions, until we are more sure of what our true needs and desires are. Often what seems so glamorous to us, on the surface, with Venus-Neptune, proves otherwise later. On another level, Venus-Neptune energy can be extremely creative as it poises us to go deeper into the waters of our fertile imaginations. Many artists and musicians have Venus-Neptune aspects prominent in their personal charts.

Today’s Venus-Neptune square is the first of three squares, the other two will be taking place on May 20th and July 27th. Venus goes retrograde on May 13th.

Meanwhile, Waxing Luna remains ensconced in verifying Virgo all day, no doubt a good, overall counter or balance to the “I just wanna be swept off my feet” Venus-Neptune influence. Although, even the skeptical Virgo Moon is under some pressure this morning as she also forms a bewildering opposition to blurry-eyed Neptune (at 11:22 am). Fortunately, later on, however, Luna will be regaining her footing, quite a bit, when she forms flowing trines to transformational Pluto (at 7:01 pm) and big picture Jupiter (at 10:25 pm), both still conjunct in “keeping-it-real” Capricorn. Ideally, these two more hopeful aspects will provide us with a practical ability to see or plot futuristic trends, especially with respect to more large-scale issues. Moon-Pluto, in particular, can also be very healing energy and one that allows us to not only, individually and collectively, let go of the past, but also greatly learn from it, as well as being simultaneously positively reshaped by what we may have experienced. On another level, the Moon-Pluto energy can also sometimes help us to locate something that has been lost or perhaps hidden from view.

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Born On This Day: Golda Meir in 1898 in Kyiv, Ukraine (d.1978). She was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, politician, and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. (Wikipedia)

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” 

Hope it’s a good one! Be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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