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Cosmic Weather:

With a Full Moon occurring today (12:12 am) in curious, “I Know” Gemini, the sign of The Reporter, we may possibly be privy to an influx of dizzying facts and information coming at us quickly now, that we may need to meander our way through.  As well as perhaps experiencing an equally strong desire to share what it is that we know, or have concluded, or are rapidly learning about.

Gemini is the communication sign, so there’s always a lot of natural “to and fro” energy swirling about it. A lot of buzz.

Since Full Moons also generate more light by which to see, they are generally regarded as “revelatory” in nature. So what has been hidden or submerged now has a good chance of coming out into full view.

Today’s Full Moon in Gemini also puts the opposing Sun in “I Understand” Sagittarius, which symbolizes The Philosopher. And, it’s also where Mercury, the ruler of today’s lunation, is hanging out. So we’re ideally seeking to balance or apply any of the incoming data (Gemini) that we are receiving now with a kernel of higher wisdom (Sagittarius) so it has, hopefully, a more meaningful, as well as more useful application or context for our lives.

However, one notable challenge that we may face with today’s lunation is that it forms a square to “elusive” Neptune. So it could be that we are dealing with something that is missing, confusing, or just not very reliable now. As a result, we may want to temporarily adopt a holding pattern of sorts, or a cautious wait-and-see attitude, until further details emerge.

It may also be a good time to wade a bit deeper into our faith and hope for the future (Sagittarius), especially if we’re feeling a bit out of sorts. Trusting that the Universe has our back, no matter what.

Too, in reality, when you think about it, when do we ever really have “all the answers” at our disposal when we want them? Much of the time, to adapt as best we can, we simply have to “wing it,” and just go with what it is that we do know.

And that could be, yet, another possible takeaway or reminder for us from today’s Full Moon in the sign of the Winged Messenger: To learn to embrace, and to accept, sometimes the sheer ambiguity of life (Neptune). To acknowledge that, sometimes, it’s perfectly okay “not to know.” Or to realize that we don’t have to twist ourselves into a pretzel every time we are unable to connect all the dots.

Also, sometimes, when we’re operating “a bit in the dark,” it’s a potent way for us to remain more fully engaged in life itself. And, at the end of the day, that could end up being a very good thing for us! 🙂

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Happy Full Moon Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

Princess, Castle, Moon, Full Moon

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